BreakingNews: Mosque Sweeper Finds Two Bomb-Like Objects in North Kaduna; One Shot Fired


Information reaching from sources within the Kaduna metropolis of the Kaduna North Local Government indicate that two large bombs have been discovered under a pedesterian bridge [Abdulwahad folawoya pedestrian bridge].

The bomb was found by a mosque sweeper at 8am today’s morning following the completion of his morning sweeping at the mosque [Sultan Bello Mosque]. The bomb is reported to have been placed inside two black plaster bags and placed under a table used by retailers under the pedestrian bridge. The sweeper raised alarm over the two objects believed to be a bomb but was not taken seriously till hours later when the soldier stationed at a nearby check-point was alerted. The army was alert at minutes after 11:30am.

The army in reaction has acted to barricaded the entire area and has asked the entire residence to remain in-doors. All vehiclar traffic coming from Zaria and Kano have been diverted to follow the NAF club area – and traffic coming from Kaduna has been diverted to Ali Akilu road.

According to reports, the anti-bomb squard arrived the scene at 1:55pm – and have yet to approach the object.  The police suspect the object maybe detonated by remote.

A security operative who spoke to indicated that the object has not been confirmed as a bomb. But precautionary measures are being taken.  The security agent also noted that the last Kaduna bomb incident occurred on a Tuesday. And this incident appears to fall on a Tuesday.

The anti-bomb squad are yet to diffuse the bomb. At 2:02pm, the anti-bomb squad ordered that all nearby phones be switched off.

Meanwhile, one of the bombs has been fired upon. And it was discovered that it was not a bomb – that the two objects were sack of cloths.

Stay tuned.


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