Asiwaju Bola Tinubu Struck By Sudden stroke


There is palpable fear in the homestead of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu,over his failing health.

Information reaching us has it that the heavy weight politician has been in a very unhealthy condition for some time and that the situation was being managed by medical experts,only for the condition to get worse last week.

The worsening health condition was what informed his being rushed to England for a better and more intensive medical attention.

He was flown abroad on Wednesday February 8 2012.

Sources attribute the cause of his present state to a partial stroke.

Close source divulged to us that the incident ‘left him bedridden’.

Sources claimed ‘he was shielded from seeing visitors at his Ikoyi home since the happenstance transpired-till he was flown abroad’.

It is believed that the secrecy that pervades the state of health of the powerful personality is meant to protect his political and business empire.

We shall keep you posted as events unfold.




  1. There they go again,haven smelt defeat n confusion couple wit fear they’v started what they know best ‘lying’ b4 now kabiru was ok,when he escaped he was ok even when d leadership of d boko haram said he’s in Niger republic he was sound,even when he makes cal 2 powerful pple he was ok up til when he disguised wit powerful T-shirt n Jeans in Taraba he was mentaly ok,now that he’s bn caught he bcame mad,realy? I tink we now kno who is mad,d sponsors,the bius n other northern monsters who sucks innoncent blood ar indeed very mad so mad madly-crazy,no gimiks pranks n pretexts wil shield u pple cos ur game is up.Pls tel another lies may b it may b reasonable,bloody satanists-cum-animists,God must judge all of you.


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