Kano Islamic Police Confiscate N6.5m Merchandise Belonging To South Easterner


Information available to 247ureports.com indicate that the Kano State funded Islamic police [Hisbah] has resumed activities in the Kano metropolitan environs. As gathered, the Islamic police struck on Saturday night [11:30pm] confiscating goods estimated at N6.5million.

According to infomation received from Kano, the Islamic police on the night of Saturday February 11, 2012 seized a trailer loaded with alcoholic beverages along the Hadeja roundabout – headed for Sabon Gari, Kano, a christian dominated community. The trailer load of merchandise, as gathered, was headed for the business residence of a beer distributor who is of south east extraction.

The confiscated merchandise remains with the men of Hisbah. They are expected to either hand the case over to the Nigerian police for onward prosecution or proceed to charge the owner of the goods to Shariah court. The owner of the goods is a Christian – who goes by the name “Jude”.

The Shariah law which the House of Assembly in Kano adopted and passed into law in late 2004 during the administration of Malam Ibrahim Shekarau banned the use and sell of alcohol beverages in the State.

The Nigerian police in Kano in responding to 247ureports.com inquiry indicated that the matter falls under the jurisdiction of the Hisbah [Islamic police] and so it is not within the juridiction of the Nigerian Police. This is according to the Police Public Relations Officer [PPRO], Malam Magaji. He directed the Hisbah board be contacted. Efforts to reach the Hisbah boards proved abortive.

The activities of the Kano State Islamic police appears on the increase following the black friday attacks on Kano State. As a source within the Kwankwaso administration admitted, the government of Kano State decided to change gears in its outlook on security issues – to include the adoption of the Islamic police as part pf the security apparatus of the government. The Islamic police is reportedly utilized increasingly by the Kwankwaso government to administer law and order in most parts of the State.

Our correspondent contacted the government through one of its image maker, Malam Dantiye, and he claimeed to have “no idea” of the confiscation – but promised to to check on it.



  1. So, Nigeria is operating two state-police systems with the State Islamic Police force superior to that of the Federation. ONE NIGERIA! – where non-muslims must comply with Islamic laws. Is this not provocatively looking for trouble by trying the patience and goodwill of others?

  2. This sounds cacophony, how on earth could football rules be applied to polo game ? its only in nigeria that such babaric islamic police be heard off !!
    Mr.Jonathen, what is going on in the House ? ..Are you aware of this babaric attitude of those cawords and nincompoops??

  3. u are ignorance of law, what i believe is that kano is very friend environment for all of us. stop this ignorance hopeless journalists

  4. I want to ask all previous commentators to take a little time and know what is HISBA they are not a police but a moral-task force. the kind of those you have in Lagos and other southern states to help their state governments either in revenue mobilization,sanitation,traffic, rescue operations etc. Alcohol is prohibited in Islam(i dont know if christianity allows it) so we dont want it in Kano!No body is forcing anyone to obey Islam even the muslims do it at wish


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