BreakingNews: Boko Haram Attacks [Heavy Gunfire] Naibawa Police Post, Kano


Information available to from sources in Kano State indicate that the terrorist Islamic group, Boko Haram has hit a police post in Kano. The police post located at Naibawa near the major Naibawa motor park facing Maiduguri road.

The attack was reported to have occurred at 6:30pm in the same manner the attack on the Mandawari police station occurred last week. “They came in about four cars and openned fire, finished and drove away”, said a police source.

No police casualities have been reported by the police. Eyewitness reports indicate that there men dressed in redish babarigas  drove up in with more than 3 vehicles and opened fire at the police post. The gun fire were reported to be heavy and sustained. The police were caught in a shock and could not return fire.

The attackers left the scene unharmed.

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