Boko Haram: In-Fighting/Discord Brews Within The Nigerian Police

Officers battling for bribe money

Barely 24hours following the expiration of the 24hour ultimatum handed to the Inspector General of Police [IGP], Malam Ringim by the President of the federal republic of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Ebelemi Azikiwe Jonathan to fish out the escaped leader of the terrorist Islamic group known by the name ‘Boko Haram’, a brewing discord within the hierachy of the Nigerian police has begun to spill into the open arena. Information available to indicates the leadership under the IGP have begun to openly call for the resignation of the IGP while others within the ministry of police affairs have called for the complete re-structuring of the leadership of the Nigeria Police Force.

The National Police headquarters is reported to be tensed and junior officers are said to be on the verge of a protest against the leadership of the police department. Some of the junior officers who spoke to our correspondent revealed that the leadership of the Nigeria Police has been overly compromised. “They are working with Boko Haram” stated one of the officers who is staged at a police check point near the Garki Area 10 police station. The police source continued to add that “most of them collect money from Boko Haram sponsors in exhange for inside information”.

The sentiments expressed by the source is shared by another former high ranking police officer who served as the Commissioner of Police in Lagos State. He noted that Ringim has watched the moral of the police officers dwindle to the lowest levels in Nigeria. “I am not surprised that they allowed the leader of Boko Haram to escape after he was in their custody” stated the former police commissioner as he explained that the President of the country ought to have lived up to the ultimatum handed to the IGP.

The office of the President, as was reliably informed, is said to be aware of the brewing discord within the Police Department – and has began an inquiry into the escape of the Boko Haram leader. The National Security Agency [NSA] is said to have been assigned with the task. The NSA is said to also launch an investigation of the IGP.



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