Multiple Explosions Rock Tombia Junction In Yenogua, Bayelsa

A portion of Tombia Bridge Bombed - Curtesy Tefzy Ennizz

Information available to indicate that wo bomb explosions rocked the capital city of Yenogua in Bayelsa State [the home state of the President] at the major junction known as the “Tombia Junction”. The explosion was reported to have occurred last night [Friday January 20, 2012].

The multiple bomb blast which came only hours following the multiple bomb blast in Nigeria’s second largest city, Kano – was said to have not caused any casualties. The area of the bomb blast is said to be an open area where petty traders and hawkers gather in the daytime to sell their items. The area is also refered to as the “Shell Right Of Way”.

No group has claimed responsibilty of the explosion.

The bombings comes on the heels of the launch of the People Democratic Party’s [PDP’s] gubernatorial campaign in Bayelsa State. The Vice President of the federal republic of Nigeria, Arc [Malam[ Namadi Sambo is scheduled to kick off the campaign in Yenogua on Monday January 23, 2012 at the Sampson Siasia Stadium.




  1. Since Jonathan became president bomb has been exploding everywhere in Nigeria.
    This is weakest and the worest president in Nigeria history.
    If Buhari is the president this will not be happening no matter what part of Nigeria you come from please let’s the truth be told.
    This president has made
    look so weak and very venerable.

  2. @Oma, how can you be so myopic to conclude that the recent spate of bombing was as a result of bad presidential skill of Jonathan. Boko Haram’s leader was killed during the time of Yar’Adua and the vengeance has been long in the making, with this crazy people training in Terrorist sites all over the world in preparation to unleash the present terror. Had any other person won the presidency apart from Jonathan, he would have had his handful. Maybe the fact that Jonathan is a Christian southerner ruling at a time when the Muslim North feel is there own is another factor. Unfortunately our Police force and security agencies are ill prepared for terrorist attack of this scale and they are too corrupt to be motivated to stand up quickly. Wake up Nigeria, it is a new day and we need to step up before these crazy people take our freedom from us.

    • @Akin,

      It is too short 4 u to have forgotten that Bokoharam issue started during Yar’dua and likewise MEND issue was resolved and remember it was not worse as these days. When d issue of MEND arrised it was Yar’dua that provided solution to it. what has been GEJ way out of this problem?

  3. Akin…putting all sentiments aside..we all have to agree that jonathan is weak and has made a mess of what a president shooud look like..he is weak and has no political will to move this country nor rule it..since security has failed woefully under his watch,what has he done to the security aparatus?has he had d guts to change ringim?…lets not bring in ethno religion here..if obasanjo was president all this shit wouldnt have happenend..and am quite sure that if buhari had been president..he would have tackled coruption head long and not tell us long tales about a cabal of untouchables who have been siphoning our money..face it or leave it…jonathan is weak,weak and weak….he should knw dat d country mite break under him…a worm would do better…

  4. President Goodluck is absolutely weak! As a matter of fact he is not bold enough to rule this country!he is as corrupt as the”untouchable cabal”…..I just can’t wait for his tenure to be over.

  5. Oma av u listened to ursef, dat u av read dis article n bent on sayin dis rubbish means u r nt Educated, is Buhari d rightly president, who was d ist to agitate 4 dis islaming d nation, is it nt Buhar, pls can u spare us d details of ur Beloveth Buhari n face reality

  6. If I were him I meam the president, I whould have voluntarly resign and tender my apology to the Nigeria populace for disappointing them. But corruption will never allow mr president to do this

  7. We all should pray this Nation and stop puting blame on anybody, its our time of challeges, let us all be strong in prayer so God will fight 4 us and put all d enemy of our father land under our feet.


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