Sen Andy Uba, Ibeto donate N7.5million to Federal Polytechnic


The convocation ceremony held today [October 22, 2011] at the Federal Polytechnic in Oko, Orumba North Local Government Area [LGA] of the south senatorial district of Anambra State saw the outing of the many famous personalities of the community.

The ceremony also saw the award of Fellows of the Federal Polytechic [FFPO] to some select individuals within the country.Among the individuals awarded was the Senator for the Anambra South Senatorial District, Senator Andy Uba.

Senator Andy Uba in receiving the award expressed his gratitude to the managers of the institution and to the students of the school. He added that Federal Polytechic Oko has satisfactorily played its role in readying Nigerian youths for a fruitful future in the job market. He added however that some improvement will be sought for the institution to enable it become a frontline Polytechic that can compete favorably in the international arena. He capped his address by promising to work with the administrators of the institution behind the scene to access resources that maybe available through the federal government.

Greeted with applause, Senator Andy Uba rose again to tell the audience that the Nnewi based businessman and cement importer, Ibeto, had asked him to relay to them that he is donating the sum of N2.5million to the institution. Senator Andy Uba added also that he is personally donating N5million.



  1. Waoooooooooo ,how i wish that Okey Ndibe who thrive on rubbishing igbo Icon,s will read this news and tell us how many Senators has done such,but every time he pick his key board he will use ANDY UBAH to drink tea,Governor Obi to chew gum ,Emeka Anyaoku to smoke ciga,Akunyili to drink water but never any of his yorba inlaws.I call it lopsided envy to say the least.

      • It depends on who and what Okey Ndibe is talking about, otherwise he is just another interested party who in their pastime, try to stifle other opinions in thier numerous online outlets.

  2. When shall we lern to stop fooling ourselves. It is the ultimate duty of Andy Uba to pursue the interest of the Oko Polythecnic and bring her detoriating state to the table of the responsible Federal Authority in co-operation with the Anambra State Government. But there he is, recieving “FELLOW OF THE POLYTHENIC” from an institution that a certificate from the Polythenic will only equal a Secondary School Certificate anywhere outside Nigeria, because the Outside World knew very well of the negligence of Nigerian Universities and Higher Institutions. Institutions where Accademic Performance is not awarded based on the Excellent performance of a student, rahter based on who satisfies the interest of the Lecturer: Sex für Certificates if you are a girl and Money if you are a Boy, yet all eyes including Andy Uba turned Blind on attrocities.
    We rise too quick to Praise, award Honors and Recognition to Nigerian Politicians without asking ourselves “Which money are they donating to us?” Where did they made those money that make us believe that they are Philantropics? Someone you elected will get up taking what is meant for general benefit and development, put it in his Bank Account, only to come and give you 1% of it and you will start Praising him, give him this and that “Award”, give him this and that “Title”. When then are they taking up their Responsibilities for the Post they are elected to? I have been wondering if Nigeria despite all the numerous Universities in the Country is the Worst illitrate Country on this Earth. We are all seeing what is happning in Tunisia, Egypt, Syria, Jemen, Lybia where the masses are rising to claim thier rights from those they gave the chance to sit on the throne of leadership.

    When will Nigeria tell their Leaders that enough is enough. When shall we end this system where every elected Politician is swimming in Wealth talking in Billions whereas millions of the mass are lavishing in Hunger and Starvation. It takes we the Easterners nownearly more than 12 Hours to travel from Lagos to East for a journey that does not need to last more than 5 Hours, yet we have Eastern Respresentatives at the Federal Level of our Government which Andy Uba is one of them.



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