Kebbi Gov Dakingari Divorces Daughter of Late Yar’Adua, Zainad

Zainab & the Governor

The head of the State administration in Kebbi State, Governor Saidu Usman Dakingari appear to be caught neck deep in shark infected waters. This is as information available to indicates that there appear turmoil within the home of the Governor and his famous wife, the daughter of the Late President Yar’Adua, Zaynad.

According to the information gathered, the governor of Kebbi State,  Saidu Usman Dakingari during his first tenure as governor had been given the daughter of the then President [Yar’Adua – May His Soul Rest in Peace] as a third wife through the efforts of the then 1st lady. Following the marriage, Zaynad was made the official 1st lady of Kebbi State -with the associated appurtenances. And as political pundits commented on the marriage, they postulated that Saidu Usman Dakingari was being groomed to take over from the then President Yar’Adua – at the end of his first term.

But last week, the two called the marriage quits. And the family of the governor who appeared preoccupied with grappling with the effort to keep the breakup a secret, is said to be facing the repayment of N500million loan as campaign contribution by Zaynad.   

Our source in Kebbi State states that the reason for the breakup was that the Governor used and refused Zaynad. The governor was said to have promised Zaynad the position of 1st lady. And the governor, while Zaynad’s father was alive made her the 1st lady. And in the euphoria of newly weds, Zaynad was said to have contributed N500million to the campaign purse of her husband towards the general elections of 2011 – for a second term in office.

Following the victory at the polls for the governor, and having the assurance of a second term governor,  Saidu Usman Dakingari dropped his promise and removed her as the 1st lady. He replaced her with his first wife, Asamau. This did not sit well with Zaynad who reacted to ask for Saidu Usman Dakingari to refund her the N500m. According to our soucre, the relationship quickly turned ugly.

The governor has asked Zaynad to leave his house. Zaynad is currently seven [7] months pregnant and has two children aged 2.5 and 1.5yrs.  

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  1. The question every Nigerian should be asking is how in the world did she acquire 500 million Naira that she gave to her husband? I think I can answer that, she stole them just like the rest of our past president’s children. What else is new? Children become billionaires and Millionaires once their parents run and cheat to win any SELECECT office in the Nigerian government. What a shame.

  2. 2011 bonberdment has started in DAKINGARIS’HOUSE. {DAMA HALIN MUTUM BAI DOYEWA.} his atitudes are like that he bitried his god father before, you are the next. ACI GABA DA GASHI SUYA SAI RANSALLAH.

  3. Allah sarki dakingari ka ci amanar zainab saboda kaga kasa ta rufe wa mahaifinta ido .Zainab kiyi hakuri Allah zai maki sakayya da mijina gari

  4. D Gov is guilty he made an agreement with her to make her first lady for d second tenure,so is an agreement he must fulfil it.also d issue of many wife is nt dis is one of d disadvantage of any post you are try and afford many wife.

    • Don’t be fool, do u know dat Gudluck has two wives.? The so called first lady is barren, so they bilaterally agree that he (gudluck) marries d second wife so dat she can give him children. How many know dis . But i don’t know if d second one is wife or concubine ?

  5. There is place and time for everytime.zainab deserved all that is happening let her tested what her co wife tested when she was made the first lady


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