Jos Crisis: Nigerian Soldiers Kill Six Muslim Youths, Local Chief


Information available to through sources in North Jos indicate that the calm in Jos might have been irreversibly interrupted by the unwarranted gruesome killing of six Muslim youths and a Maiangwa Chief by Nigerian Soldiers in revenge for the Saturday killing of  Nigerian Soldier by Muslim/Hausa youths along Ali Kazaure Road in Northern Jos.

According to eyewitness reports in the Hausa/Fulani dominated community, the Soldier on Saturday October 15, 2011 was patroling the community alone without his partner when the local Muslim/Hausa youths found him and laid an ambush for him. The soldier was cornered and hacked to death by the Muslim youths using locally made matchettes and knives. His riffle was then stolen by the youths.  Incidentally, it was gathered that the killed Nigerian soldier was a Muslim and an indigene of Kogi State.

Acting in revenge, the Nigeria Soldiers attacked the Muslim community on the night of Sunday October 16, 2011 using information received from Muslim informants living in the community. The soldier were said to have retrieved the riffle of the late soldier. In the late night attack, six Muslim youths and a local Chief were reported to have been killed. The identity of the Chief is yet to be ascertained. 

The Maiangwa community remains under tension.  

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