Gang Rape: “They May Be Innocent” – Abia Police Commissioner


The last twist in the Abia State University gang rape of a young girl by five young men of the Abia State University, Uturu – have not been seen judging by the latest information gathered by through the Police Commissioner in Abia State, Bala Abdullahi Hassan.

In an earlier telephone chat with the Police Commissioner while confirming that the Police detective had picked up the gang rape suspects, also cautioned that the police department in Abia under his care were only making the arrest because their names where mentioned in the internet [] as suspects. In his words to, “the persons only arrested because their names where mentioned in the internet as suspects. They may be innocent“. He stated this while confirming that the suspects were still in police custody. When asked whether the girl [victim] was alive, the commissioner responded that he has “not seen her yet“.

A source within the Abia Police command discounts parts of the Police Commissioners statement. He adds that the Police Commissioner had already concluded on the matter – that he nolonger has any interest in further investigations into the gang rape. Particularly, following the knee-jerk dismissal by the Police Commissioner of the gang rape video as not involving Abians – and thus not within their jurisdiction of duty.

When raised the concern with the Police Commissioner of the perception that the Police was pressured into making an arrest by online publishers, the Police Commissioner hanged the phone and refused to pick our calls. And the Police Public Relations Officers, Mazi Ogbonna has been sanctioned from commenting further on the gang rape matter.

Our source reveals that the suspects maybe released soon. But Gov T. A. Orji’s absence from the State may delay their release.  

Stay tuned.


  1. You are doing a great job by being on top of the story. It is important that these evil young men be brought to book. As for the Nigerian police, they have seized to shoch or surprise me with their evil deeds. There is no lenght they wont go to cover evil though their statutory responsibility is to expose and bring perpetrators to book. But God will definitely give the young girl justice

  2. The hasty denial of Abia State Government and ABSU VC et al is an embarrassment and direct insensitivity to womanhood. The government of Abia state should know that Rape is heinous crime irrespective of where it took place!. Would any of the Abia Govt officials wished their daughters to be dehumanised in such a bestial manner?. Playing politics with such a sensitive issue is affront to human-decency


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