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Rivers State Unity: Group Takes a Swipe at Abiye Sekibo over Plot to Destabilize it



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A group under the aegis Rivers Democratic Vanguard says its attention has been drawn to a viral video where one-time Minister for Transportation, Dr Abiye Sekibo was seen whipping up ethnic  divisions in a multi ethnic state.

The group said, “While addressing a group of people in Ogu/Bolo LGA under the guise of a thanksgiving program, Dr. Abiye who once served as the Secretary to the State Government under Dr Peter Odili decided to reenact they described as the “era of the already abolished Upland/ Riverine dichotomy” in the state.

A statement signed by the group’s President, Tamunotonye Ibiba and his Secretary, John Igwegbe alleged that Dr Abiye’s utterances aimed at triggering another round of communal crisis reminiscent of his time as the Secretary to the State Government.

Text of the statement reads: “We the members of the Rivers Democratic Vanguard  wish to draw the attention of the relevant authorities to the plot to create unnecessary tension capable of throwing the state and the entire Niger Delta into crisis.


“The attempt to subvert the votes of Rivers State of diverse ethnic groups from the present Government of the day by alienating them while giving credence to only the Ijaw Ethnic group is akin to a civilian coup in broad day light and such a sinister and divisive plot shall be resisted as we will mobilise our people from other ethnic groups ie the Ogonis, the Orashis, the Ikwerres and Etche Ethnic nationalities to mention but a few who make up Rivers state.


“While it is the inalienable right of every group to assemble, we want to warn that no such assembly should be a smokescreen to cut out other groups and malign the person of the Honourable Minister of the FCT.


“When double faced individuals begin to play the ostrich, right thinking men only watch to see them meet their Waterloo.


Abiye Sekibo’s gradual descent is reminiscent of a persistent, colossal  failure in  Politics


“The recent grandstanding of Abiye at a Thanksgiving in Ogu/Bolo has again exposed his penchant for masquerading as a patriot.


“Those who know his disdainful past, know when he leads a “political orchestra”, those that follow the rhythm become victims of monumental disaster. No wonder his sojourn in politics has left a sore taste in the mouth. Sorrow and tears remain the trademark of this man as victims of his savagery never recover from his unquenchable appetite to remain the only cock that will crow.


“His gradual decline reflects a persistent and significant failure in the realm of politics. The former Secretary to the Rivers State Government who was dismissed by former President  Olusegun Obasanjo as Minister for Transportation has remained incorrigible as recent events have shown.


“As a key figure overseeing security challenges in the state, he positioned himself as godfather to different militant groups vying for control of illicit proceeds of the Cawthorne channels.  His recent declaration of war against the non-Ijaws  of the state  shows a lack of remorse for his past actions as the self-acclaimed Militant-in-Chief.


“Abiye’s strained relationship  with the former Governor  and  now Minister of the Federal  Capital Territory,  Chief Barrister  Nyesom Wike CON, GSSRS deteriorated during the the PDP Governorship primaries due to his opposition to Gov Fubara yet he now presents himself as the staunch supporter of Fubara’s Government, showcasing his chameleonic nature.  This is simply the chemelonic character for which he has been known for.


“His unexpected shift to endorsing President Bola Ahmed Tinubu after tarnishing his image while supporting Atiku Abubakar raises questions about his motives and loyalty.


“Following his dismissal from the Ministry of Transportation on grounds of alleged corruption and fraud, Abiye’s repeated setbacks led him to consider running for office once again.


“After facing a series of political failures after his dismissal from the Ministry of Transportation,  Abiye turned to a gubernatorial bid which also ended in defeat again.


“It was through the intervention of Chief Nyesom Wike, the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory in rehabilitating him as a politically displaced individual that Abiye regained some political relevance. However when his aspirations to succeed Wike was thwarted, he and his co-travellers aligned themselves with Atiku Abubakar.


“The moment his ambition to succeed Wike was stalled, he alongside his gangster group decided to pitch tent with Atiku Abubakar not because they had anything to offer but for their personal aggrandizement. 


“The nebulous posturing of Abiye symbolizes an irredeemable situation encapsulating his current predicament. Therefore, resorting to ethnic rhetoric to revamp his tarnished political image only exhibits proclivity for violence.


“His assertion that the Ijaws had Ijaws had  waited for 24 years to  produce another Governor should elicit gratitude towards HE Chief Barr Nyesom Wike, without whom the achievement would not have been possible.


“It is absurd for someone indicted by the Honourable Justice Samuel Kayode Eso Jsc. Truth and Reconciliation Commission to persist in promoting ethnic divisions and violence years later without demonstrating tangible contributions to his community.


“Abiye suddenly found his diminishing voice under the auspices of a Governor who uses Absalom’s  treacherous path to fight his father, King David.


“While he begs to return to his vomit in order to have his fingers dipped in the pie, Abiye Sekibo should boldly show where he ever campaigned for Gov Sim Fubara.


“As the saying goes, those who live in glass houses should not throw stones. Abiye’s deceitful ways have ensnared him in a web of his own making,  rendering him a wandering soul without a clear purpose.


“It is our hope that former Vice President Atiku Abubakar now recognises the true nature of the individual he once relied on for support in Rivers State. 


“Politicians must be cautious of associating with such a morally depraved figure whose rightful place lies outside the realm of respectable society.


“Ijaw people are yet to know the executioner of their two prominent sons. Until they are unmasked, no Ijaw son is more Ijaw than the other. Who killed Marshall Harry and A.K.Dikibo? How many Ijaw sons and daughters did Abiye Sekibo empower or raise as Minister of Transportation (Grade A Minister)? How many developmental projects did Abiye Sekibo attract to Ijaw land when he held sway? The time to answer these puzzles is now.


“Politics in Rivers State has gone beyond primordial sentiments because the immediate past Governor of Rivers State, HE Nyesom Wike promoted an all-inclusive government. Those who will try to reinvent ethnic sentiments in the governance of our dear state will be seen for who they are: serial betrayers and monstrous opportunists.


“We therefore call on all the people of our dear state across ethnic borders to remain calm even in the face of this provocation as we believe that the security agencies will nib the matter in the bud.”

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