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The Conspiracy Surrounding The 2023 Election Of Kaduna Central Senatorial District And The Phenomenal Clear And Evident Threat Called Mr. La!



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The Kaduna Central Senatorial District imbroglio is being cooked by forces not even in the PDP but in the most unlikely source, the ruling APC in Kaduna State!

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The APC led government of Kaduna State is the criminal behind the proposed dislodgment of Alhaji Lawal Adamu Usman popularly known as Mr. La. It is no longer news. The clear winner of the PDP Senatorial Primaries for Kaduna Central Senatorial District which was held in one of the freest and fairest processes as was made clearly certain by participants, officials of INEC, the security personnel and general public present at the Ahmadu Bello Stadium on the 23rd of May 2022.

The exercise was challenged illegally and was subsequently taken to the court of one Justice Umar Muhammad of the Kaduna Federal High Court, Division 1. The case was willfully adjourned five good times until the 2nd of November of 2022 when a verdict was reached and the Judge ruled for a repeat primaries within 14 days of the ruling. Sadly, barely 3 working days later, the PDP Kaduna Chapter prepared a hurried repeat exercise, in clear violation of the rule of law, the Electoral Act 2022 as amended and the supreme document which makes us a nation, the 1999 Constitution as amended! Of the 6 aspirants who participated in the process, only the second runner up, by name Usman Ibrahim was present. Fake delegates were asked to vote and all the remaining aspirants who boycotted the exercise were illegally represented and were allocated votes. Within an hour, the process was wrapped up thereby becoming the shortest election process in recent history. When the votes were called in, it was clear that the votes were simply written in favour of the second runner up who goes by the alias of Sardaunan Badarawa.


Mr. La appealed the case and was given back his mandate by the Court of Appeal. The higher court accurately made it known that the lower court made bold decisions as it meddled in the internal workings of a political party and secondly, questioned the claim that there was over voting by 1 vote! The presiding judge said, even if the so called Sardaunan Badarawa were to have been awarded the 1 vote out of the 99 scored by Mr. La against his 84 votes, he still would still have been the second runner up as his allocated 1 vote would not stand a chance against Mr. La’s 99 as he would still have ended with 85 votes while Mr. La would still have 98 votes!

Concerning the conspiracy and sabotage, a deal was struck for Senator Uba Sani to be assured of at least two Senators, one from Zone 1 and another in Zone 2, (the Kaduna Central Senatorial District). The reason for this is due to the fact that they need Senators who will back their requests for loans etc. This was planned for the exiting governor not to shame himself in Tinubu’s eyes and the second reason is because of an alleged plan for Dattijo, the APC Senatorial Candidate for Kaduna Central Senatorial District to relinquish his Senate seat (sic) for Bello El-Rufa’i, the son of the Kaduna State governor who is currently running for the House of Reps in Kaduna North LG. Typically, politicians do not involve God Almighty in their political permutations. They arrogantly speak of plans for times to come as though they own themselves and the future!

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The leadership of Kaduna PDP Chapter, under the hypocritical machinations from non other than Senator Ahmad Makarfi who is bitter with the PDP Presidential Candidate, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar GCON, Wazirin Adamawa for recognizing former Vice President, His Excellecy Architect Namadi Sambo GCON as the political leader of the PDP in Kaduna State. The mistake Senator Makarfi and his ilk constantly make is, they always forget God Almighty Who Categorically Stated In The Holy Qur’an that “He Empowers who He Wills and Brings down whom He Wills without recourse to any mortal.” No one, not even a Jinny or An Angel can question What God Does. He Said In His Noble Qur’an that He Is Constantly Engaged. He Lifts, Brings down, Enriches, Empowers whomsoever He Wills and otherwise, all the time. Won’t they see reason in The Actions Of The Almighty and fear Him for such Might?! They had better think again and again.

The second reason for Makarfi’s hatred for Mr. La is bourne out of the fact that they are in bed with the APC government almost as he did in 2019 against Isa Ashiru and the same Mr. La. Having sold out the two seats, he went home smiling to his safe, while Ashiru, foolishly thought he lost an election! A lot of people have access to proof of Makarfi’s association with Bola Tinubu who served alongside him as governor of Lagos State. I just hope those who hold these facts don’t start sharing them with the world as doing so will destroy the little legacy Makarfi thinks he left behind as there are damaging exposé the world would see.

They say, those who live in glass houses should not throw stones. If people, men and women, good and bad start to broadcast such content, some of which are video, I would rather feel sorry for the former Senator who thinks he holds the aces. What he does not know is, he is actually a joker. A failure who almost single handed, ruined the PDP at the national level when he arrogantly attempted to drive the party aground. What Makarfi forgets or pretends to forget is, those aces are all in the hands of this quiet person, an avid party loyalist, a respecter of the rule of law and elders, including Makarfi himself; Alhaji Lawal Adamu Usman, who proudly addressed Makarfi as “Baba” and took offense any time any individual attacked Senator Makarfi. Little did Mr. La know, he was respecting and dedicating and his life, through constantly seeking political and even parental advise from a man he loved but never knew he was dealing with the devil himself. Every time there  was donation to be made to the PDP, Lawal will seek the consent of Makarfi and upon receiving the advise, he will proudly say, “I donate so and so on behalf of our father Senator Makarfi. I challenge Senator Makarfi to deny these facts and we will broadcast facts that will shake the very foundations of the PDP nationwide, not just Kaduna State. People think because I am a woman and a banker I cannot make political statements. You’re wrong. I challenge you Senator Makarfi to please open your mouth and I shall lay it all bare! I will come to Kaduna from Lagos just to show the world who you truly are and I don’t care whether Mr. La likes it or not. He doesn’t own me, you don’t own me but have crossed my path negatively and I think it’s time the world knows you for the evil that you are.

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Everyone knows you instructed the Kaduna PDP to file a suit appealing the verdict of the Appeal Court because your minion Sardaunan Badarawa didn’t participate in the Appeal against a candidate that will deliver not only his constituency, but that of Isa Ashiru and Atiku Abubakar, talk less of the smaller seats. This is callousness at its epitome.

It is only wise for elders to emulate those leaders who sacrificed their resources, intellect, time and wisdom towards building Nigeria as a country without recourse to thinking of what was coming to them. May The Peace and Blessings Of God Almighty Be upon the late members of what  was called the Kaduna Mafia. As a young girl and university student, I respected them for their homogenous collaboration towards building not just the north, but the nation at large. Little wonder with people like Makarfi, I am back to the south as they made sure they created an incurable rift between Muslims and Christians and against our divergent ethnicities. I am a social media influencer under a name that will shock you to your bones. Please try me and see.

Temitope A. Adebayo

Social Media Influencer

Lagos, Nigeria.

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