Terrorists abduct 13 worshippers after attacking Katsina mosque


Thirteen worshippers are still being held in terrorists’ camps after they were abducted from a local mosque on Saturday night in Maigamji village of Funtua town in Katsina State.

Bashir Murtala, one of the worshippers who escaped, told this newspaper on the phone that the worshippers started running in different directions instead of following the terrorists.

He said the terrorists responded by shooting straight at the fleeing worshippers.

“I was in the third row inside the mosque. There was no light, so we were using a lamp and some people had put on their phone’s light. When the bandits started shouting that we should follow them, those in the last row and outside the mosque started running. The bandit standing in the front of the mosque started shooting. Our Chief Imam, Malam Yusha’u and some other worshippers were injured,” Mr Murtala said.

The Imam and the other worshippers are receiving medical attention in an undisclosed health facility in Funtua town. Mr Murtala said, “two of them are in critical state.”

The police command spokesperson, Gambo Isa, in a statement to reporters confirmed the attack. He said those rescued where saved by the police and vigilante members.

“It’s true, the attack took place. The terrorists stormed the Mosque at Maigamji while people were observing prayers.







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