Bloodbath In Enugu, Sit At Home Turns Deadly


Enugu State was turned into a bloody scene in the early hours of Saturday following efforts by the followers of a Biafran agitator by name Simon Ekpa who had called for a sit at home that would last for a few days.

Smon Ekpa’s men whom the leader of the Biafra freedom struggle, Nnamdi Kanu denounced – continued to push for the bloody enforcement of the unpopular sit at home across the South East geo-political zone.

Following Ekpa’s refusal to back down, the followers of Ekpa went to town to enforce their the said orders.

stay tuned.

Sit-at-home enforcers in black and black unleash mayhem Enugu in the early hours of today, Saturday December 10, 2022 around CPS, New Market in Enugu State



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