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[Fake Democracy] – By Assem A. Abulkhair



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Why a decent person paying his rent on time for the last twenty-two (22) years should sleep on the street at night in the freezing harsh winter and/or steamy hot summer to escape the unbearable and barbaric TORTURE at home to face the same on the street since May 2020 ! ! !   Is it a failure of a “Kangaroo Judicial System” or the society at whole ??[?]  

Please feel free to contact us to find the reason behind the agony we face day and night 24/7 for our “freedom of speech” and” strong language” since the death of the mocked, outdated, and useless “Constitution” on September 11th to single us out for their cancerous discrimination.  This discriminatory strayed action put us 24/7 under an “unlawful” surveillance extended to the shower for which an “illegal” surveillance led us to sue the feds’ dogs to question the legality and basis or at least to show a probable cause since [t]here is [NONE].  The “kangaroo Court” let us down and miserably failed its duty and obligation towards the “one”  ==  once was so-called == “The Constitution”[.] 

As a direct deadly result of the “Kangaroo Court’s” failure to demand, or even question the feds about their judicial authorization to conduct their amateur and unlawful surveillance, the unbearable consequence ended us to sleep on the street while we pay our rent-on-time to escape the ugly TORTURE.  “Judge Salas”, who miserably failed to adjudicate the surveillance issue demanded in our cross-motion to counter their dismissal motion, her son was gun down, and her husband was injured when an “attorney” from New York was upset with her ruling and went to kill her at home.  He killed her son instead.  Tragedy of injustice [.]           

Now, the surveillance automatically has been transferred into an inhumane and animalistic TORTURE on a very high skill of an electronically wave, using the cell phones and computers, delivering an extreme sophisticated attack on our respiratory symptom to force us coughing with another pumping into our gentility wherever we go without any sense of decency.  Speaking of decency, not to mention the sickness “mentality” of attacking the digestive symptom electronically, using the same method, to cause painful pain and severe anxiety in their unrelenting effort to let the person pee (urinate) and shit on himself.  We can simply and politely refer as to enforce the bathroom number 1 and 2 action to embarrass their target. But, when the childish act and conduct is conducted by those who assuming to claim themselves as the superior “leader of the free world” == “The Superpower” with the lowest mentality == The “mentality” of “shit” == the proper and right word cannot be then worse than their shameful act and conduct as less expressed herein [.]    

We are not talking about the poison food, including “bread,” at the supermarkets once to reach the “scanner” by the cashier.  Not even those men and women on the ground, including those with their fake “beard” and “Hijab,” exposing their faces by lowering their masks down in front of us to infect us with Ms. COVID-19, as well as, spreading invisible substances to attack our muscle, nerve and respiratory symptom. The same substance and method used to isolate with block the oxygen pressed inside the “pocket” by the police officer who killed the African American man and convicted later.  The others are running with their vehicles sending vast of toxin fume towards our body, specially our legs and feet to freeze and swelling them with a disgusting smell.  Speaking of vehicles to understand and estimate the size and cost of the useless operation, it is fair to include besides the tainted windows of the “undercover” vehicles, the delivery one as, “FED-EX,” “UPS,” “DHL,” “amazon,” “US Postal Service” vehicles, sanitation trucks and street cleaning vehicles of every town we pass by, either early morning or late at night, verities of towing trucks, verities of taxi cabs, verities of school buses, men riding bicycles and motorcycles, as well as, groups of kids between ages of 10-13 on bicycles besides the sophisticated spying drones at night flying over our head from the moment we leave the residence to the time we wake up in the morning on the street of TORTURE, except in case of rain or cloud sky. They even use dogs with their owners to make a mockery of themselves [.]

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Assuming someone reads this highly dramatic scenario and wonders, who ordered such an unconscionable misconduct in the “Kangaroo America”.  The simplified answer is within the “Kangaroo” definition itself.  The fresh memory of the infamous tragedy occurred in the Guantanamo Bay and Abu-Gareep prisons had explained all.  We strongly condemned and cynically criticized the heinous crimes and scandals there in our writing.  And we proudly honoring our self in doing so.  This probably one of the leading factors to have the idiotic and moronic feds to come after us with their vengeance of TORTURE tactic, flag and message to deter us as they may think.  They did [not] choose the “rule of law” to deal with us.  Simply, because America never had what so called == the “rule of law” == and never will to begin with.  It is always the “rule of power” for whoever sitting on the musical chair.   Its former sore loser bully president proved just that to the entire world.  By the way, he used our “strong language” to describe the “corrupt government” and the “Kangaroo Court” without our authorization.   Henceforth, we need not to stress further since we have the decisive and undeniable testimony of an important key witness, one of their own == the former “president”.       Otherwise, unlike what they may think, the “First Amendment” of the “Constitution” perhaps authorized them == if you disagree with any U.S. citizen or even foreigner’s “strong language” or criticism of the abusive government, just TORTURE him, pumping into his gentility, swelling his legs, freezing his feet, forcing him to pee and shit on himself in public, and sleep on the street in order == to force him to use the lovely soft language to please and appease the nuisance ordeal of the unbearable injustice and oppression to welcome back the forgotten slavery era [.]  

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To accomplish their goal of TORTURE against us [ABULKHAIR] while distracting themselves from going after the real criminals as the notorious mass shooters, they have no problem to spend five (5) billion dollars a day squandering the taxpayers’ money, tracking us every move in-and-out, step-by-step and, ironically, leave the mass shooters dancing with their machine guns everywhere from the school to the church for their obvious failure to spare (only) five (5) bucks to read their messages of hatred and action posted on the “social media”.  Hence, the outsider readers, or rather the next dreamers of the delusionary land of “milk and honey” should think, not twice, but million time, before taken their adventure to the unknown fate of the hidden satanic TORTURE [.]                               

With that in mind, this barbaric TORTURE of the “fake democracy” forced us to sleep on the street like homeless people after our legs were badly swelling like watermelon from the torture at home.  The story must be told to end the saga and madness against anyone abused by [a] corrupt “Kangaroo government” fears words more than bullets.  It is the model, ideology, mentality and conduct of the typical policing state running under the “mask” of the “ballet box” democracy.   Although we sleep on the street, the spying “drones” still flying over our head until morning.  Despite all of that, we compelled them to deforce their “rule of law” and footstep on it in order to reveal their actual identity, motive and “values” to marry the “rule of street” we sleep on == to escape their constitutional TORTURE of a “Kangaroo society” == that does not learn anything from the history, or even Corona, until to face the real one [.] 

All of the brutal and barbaric TORTURE that exceeded Guantanamo Bay and Abu-Gareep Universities style and technique maliciously motivated and satanically orchestrated in their effort to prevent our meritorious petition to be filed with the highest “Kangaroo Court” managed and directed by the feds.  We challenge the “American free press” to publish it to show the world their real face of their [fake democracy].  We fear nothing and shall not.  In fact, we sleep on the street despite the fact that==we know in advance that==they want to kill us.  The fear itself fears us [,] with [no] exception to [t]he “fake” democracy [.]  

Assem A. Abulkhair, Son of Pharos and Africa

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