Breaking News: Chaos As Protesters Re-loot Looted Palliatives In Awka


Information reaching from eyewitnesses in Awka, the capital of Anambra State indicate that a looting process is ongoing at Aroma Junction – a popular area in Awka – by ENDSARS protesters.

According to information received, the protesters who gathered at the popular Aroma Junction – prepping to target a storage facility where COVID 19 palliatives were stored or horded – saw a loaded trailer along the Enugu-Onitsha expressway heading away from the said storage facility to another safer facility in Aguleri. The trailer was loaded with bags of rice.

The protesting youths halted the trailed or rice and began to offload the rice for themselves.

As a background, the protesters had previously located the storage facility located in Agu Awka near the Finotel Hotel ring road. To avert the impending looting by the protesters, the hoarders of the COVID19 palliatives began loading the bags of rice onto trailers on the morning of October 24, 2020 for another storage facility away from the youth protesters.

Soldiers were used to block off the facility away from the youth protesters – as the trailers were loaded with the palliatives. Two trailers were successfully loaded while the solders held guard. But the youth protesters decided to lay ambush at Aroma Junction for the third trailer of rice.

As anticipated, the third trailer loaded with bags of rice, approached Aroma Junction headed for a location at Aguleri.

The youth protesters pounced on the trailer.

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