State Assembly To Down Tools Over Uzodimma’s Mismanagement Of Covid19, 13 Test Positive

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Information reaching from competent sources within the Imo State House of Assembly indicates the government of Imo State may have pushed the people of Imo State up against the wall due to its mishandling of the COVID19 pandemic.

Particularly, following the unceremonious exit of the NCDC workers deployed to Imo State to assist in ameliorating the continued spread of the virus, the Uzodimma administration appeared to have failed to make amends of the worsening situation. The NCDC workers had left Imo State due to the government’s lack of readiness to receive the NCDC workers – and lack of readiness to combat the pandemic.

Presently, our source notes an estimated number of House of Assembly members who have tested positive to have exceeded thirteen [13]. This is the state governor recently mandated for workers at the state assembly complex to be tested for the virus.

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To this end, the workers have refused to comply threatening to down tool if the Governor insists on pushing ahead with the test.

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