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The Dark Secrets Of Festus Keyamo, As A Fraudster Exposed



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Dr Chidi Amadi Unmasks The Dark Secrets Of Festus Keyamo

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Hi Festus, I woke up the other day to a Tweet by you referring to my party as “Lootocrats” and challenged Nigerians to question the source of wealth of those who want to serve them. Very well Festus. Ordinarily, I would not have engaged you for three reasons:
1. I don’t respond to aides
2. I believe the candidate of the party has capable persons who can deal with you
3. The unwritten convention is that those from our tradition do not battle each other.
However,I have taken the task to have this talk with you given that you are not an aide in the truest sense of the word but promoting a candidate .Also,since the PDP candidate has warned his aides to refrain from going low with the likes of you, you may likely get away with this
arrogance , but you see, I am not an aide of Atiku and not even an official of the party so,we can dance.
Thirdly, I will have to throw the code for activists overboard Cos by maligning my party, you also insulted those of us from the same tradition that happen to call the PDP home.
Now, that I am done with introduction, can we now get right to it, shall we? Festus, for years now we have been letting you feed fat with a reputation as an “anti military era activist and human rights defender”. But Festus, let’s let the cat out of the bag.
In reality, you were a military apologist or your actions portrayed you as one.
Festus, when Gani Fawahinmi, Femi Falana, Baba Omojola, Segun Mayegun and others were arrested by the junta in 1992 and a decision was to be taken by the mass of students at a Congress in Ekpoma for a protest to be undertaken to ask for their release,did you not vehemently argue against it?Did you not mobilize to frustrate that move via counter revolutionary arguments until your plot was frustrated by the dialectical superiority of radical progressive elements on ground?
Chief Gani Fawehinmi overlooked this early trait of your treachery and still gave you a place in his Chambers following your call to Bar. How did you reward him?.
While you go about telling spurious stories about your fall out with Gani,isn’t it indeed true that at the heart of the kerfuffle was Gani’s disenchantment with the way you were handling the legal tussles and struggles with the military? Isn’t it true that Gani suspected that due diligence was not being applied in matters that involved the military which you were handling? This trait followed you in life and I will come to that.
While others in the Chambers who Gani asked to leave went quietly, were you not thrown out ? Did you not mount an unbelievable campaign of calumny and hate against Gani? What kind of names did you not call the great man? You would call press conferences everyday to heap insults on Gani , calling him unprintable names. The same way you wake up to insult everyone right now! Wasn’t Gani moved to the point of cursing you?
Somehow, Festus, you have built your career around destroying Great people!
Where is your buddy, Fryo, these days? How a man who self-confessed to killing the Great Uncle Bola Ige became your client is still a stuff of legends. Festus, how is it that you relish handling cases many reactionary lawyers won’t touch with a long pole?
It was not enough that You took Fryo as a client but were you actually prepping him to blackmail people you wanted to use to rise to fame? It is still the same Gani you maligned early in your career that came to your rescue after forgiving you of your transgressions. Perhaps, your love for the dark art Of the legal profession has something to do with your sudden wealth?
You asked us to interrogate the source of wealth of people, so let me start with yours.Nice houses you have in Maryland in Lagos and Zone 5 in Abuja.
Is it mere coincidence that you started rolling in cash after you became an EFCC prosecutor? Yes, the same EFCC you insulted many of your colleagues for representing, calling them thieves and vowing NEVER to have anything to do with them. Shortly thereafter you swallowed your vomit and became their lawyer. Was that when you “blew?”
Or was It after your deal with Chief Kenny Martins? Remember him? I am sure you do, 200m and a Prado Jeep is not what one forgets easily. Kenny Martins swore to an affidavit that he gave you those and you still came back for more as an EFCC prosecutor. A case you lost.
Festus, You not only served EFCC but you worked under the administration of one of the most notorious person’s to Head that agency. Indeed, is it not true that staff within the Commission were suspicious of your moves given that you lost virtually all the cases involving huge sums assigned to you?
Festus, can you tell the world your role in the Ladoja/Oyo state Airtel Shares sales? Do we tell the world about a certain $200,000 under the table payment? We have names too if you want us to go that far.I am asking, can your source of wealth be directly traced To this period? Just asking. You shamelessly call the PDP an assemblage of “Lootocrats” but had no qualms to work for a PDP government appointee, someone the PDP government fired for allegations of corruption.
Festus, you have come full circle. While we are at this, can we tell The world why you can no longer visit your ancestral home freely? The APC you defend right now was the same you called “frauds” in 2013 during a press conference in Benin following your loss of the party gubernatorial ticket. What changed? New paymaster maybe?
Finally, Festus, when you live in a glass house, beware of stones. I know you will come for me, and I happily await you, my records are there but, before you act be advised thus: what I just brought out now is a compromise following calls by friends that know you. If you Choose to escalate,I will go further down low.We may have to tell the world certain other stories you will certainly not like. For example, that your closely guarded secret of your real crew. You know what I mean? Or how you became SAN.And some other things we shall keep secret.
Secondly, I am also loaded enough to get the best of lawyers , so don’t even try your ’we meet in court nonsense’. It will be a pleasure to show the court that you lack any modicum of reputation to protect .
My advice: defend your candidate and promote your candidate, no shame In that but, you cannot insult people and hope to intimidate everyone into silence with your rabble rousing noise. I am not Sowunmi, I fight dirty and clean. You decide the one you want. This is my Killshot!

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