Abdulsalam Intervenes, Buhari Confirms New DSS Boss, Places Embargo On Media

Abdulsalam Intervenes, Buhari Confirms New DSS Boss, Places Embargo On Media

Abdulsalam Intervenes, Buhari Confirms New DSS Boss, Places Embargo On Media

Information available to 247ureports.com indicates calm has returned to the offices of the nation’s secret police, the department of state security services. This is following the return of President Buhari’s trip to the republic of China on Thursday September 6, 2018 when he sent signal to the hierarchy of the security apparatus of the nation’s secret police informing them he has rectified the appointment of the new DSS boss.

With the President’s signal, the official portrait of the new DSS boss was ordered to be mounted at every DSS office around the nation. The order according to a DSS source was swift. The portrait of the new boss took less than 24hours to be mounted at the offices.

Along with the signal, the President issued an indefinite blanket embargo on media coverage of the DSS activities. The embargo also halted all communications to the media on DSS activities until further notice until the perceived volatility caused by the sudden sack of the former DSS boss is considered quelled.

The sudden sack of the former boss of the DSS by the then acting President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo had sent uncontrolled shockwaves through the hierarchy of the DSS and across the top officers at the presidency. The shockwaves quickly turned to a pressure to return the former DSS boss. Among those spearheading the show of force to return the sack DSS boss was the embattled chief of staff, Abba Kyari.

Abba Kyari was alleged to have receded decisions taken by the new DSS boss. The redeployment and awaiting promotions that the new DSS boss approved were reversed by the chief of Staff – on grounds that remain questionable till date.

President Buhari, in his confirmation of the new boss, did not treat the issue of reversal by the chief of staff.

It was gathered that President Buhari was previously determined to return the sacked DSS boss. It took the behind door intervention by the former military head of state, Abdulsalam to impress on Buhari to allow the new boss to stay on. He impressed on him the impending threat of disorder within the DSS should the new boss be removed.

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