The Few People Criticising Governor Yahaya Bello Are Selfish And Self-Centered – By Ahmed Omeiza Lukman


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Kogi State chapter of APC is one big happy family, with only a handful of persons opposed to good governance in the state kicking against Governor Yahaya Bello policies and action since he assumed office. They are doing so because the old ways of doing things are gone, with the government trying to rewrite the history of the state, so that the unborn generation will have a legacy to hold on to, we can’t afford to mortgage the future of our dear state for the sake of some few selfish cabals.

They are exploiting their access to the media to seek to manipulate the people. They have already failed because more than ninety percent of Kogi people remain solidly behind the programmes and policies of our youthful and popular Governor.

This very few cabals claimed that Governor Yahaya Bello is trying to hijacked the Kogi State chapter of APC, how can you hijack a party that you are the overall leader of in the State? Their claim is so amazing and shocking, to the best of my knowledge, the APC state chapter remains in Lokoja not Abuja, but this cabals always issued their press statement in Abuja. Probably, their is another APC Kogi state chapter in the diaspora in which they are leading. The APC in Kogi State remains one big happy family under our very hardworking and intensely innovative governor. Members and the entire leadership of the party have severally reiterated their confidence in the governor and have endorsed all his policies and programmes.

Governor Yahaya Bello is not the governor of only APC members in Kogi State. He is the governor of all the people of our great state irrespective of ethnic, tribal, social and political aspirations. We must continue to support the Governor to restore hope to the common people. Kogite are tired of looting, selfishness and nepotism.

Governor Yahaya Bello have given the youth a chance to create a better Kogi state of our dream, we must not fail him. We have been entrusted with this kind gesture, so it’s time to take the bull by the horn and let’s put the cabals to shame in any future election. Kogi belongs to us all.

Comrade Ahmed Omeiza Lukman,
Former Chairman Nigerian Community in Ukraine.



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