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Death And Its Harbingers Have Ceased To Frighten Biafrans – By Comrade A. Awogu



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The True Leader Of The Biafran People Has Finally Emerged



As the Biafra protest rages, it is good that we remind ourselves the purpose of this quest; what we are struggling to safeguard and why we are so determined to continue to fight for the release of LORD NNAMDI KANU and the restoration of the independence of Biafra. We have burn the brunt of this quest, we have suffered marginalization, deprivation, ostracization and all manner of conceivable deaths in the hands of an enemy that is so cruel, that is so wicked and that has used all manner of weapons to not only cage us as a people and stop us from developing at our own pace-keeping us in a state of arrested development, but has without respite hounded us into detention and daily murdering us for daring to ask for our freedom.

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But today we rise up to recite before the enemy the portion of the Biafran Anthem that says “if the price be death that we owe to pay, so let us all die without any sheered of fear.” Death and its harbingers have ceased to frighten us; they no longer condition our thoughts. We have opted for death instead. Life is now meaningless to us. We consider ourselves dead already and as such we are not afraid of dying for he that is on the ground is no longer afraid of falling. This protest must go on. It is a battle of homeland and we are putting in our all.


“Give Us Biafra or we all die,” is the expression on the lips of everyone; from Bayelsa to Cross-River, from Akwa-Ibom to Rivers to Delta to Anambra to Imo to Abia to Ebonyi to Enugu to parts of Edo, to parts of Kogi, to parts of Benue and to parts of Southern Cameroon, the frenzy is rapturous, it is electrifying, it is a moving train, nothing stands on its wake.


In the words of George Orwell, “…if liberty means anything at all, it means the ability to tell people what they do not what to hear.” President Buhari and his likes must continue to be inundated with the Biafra nightmare that are  Lord Nnamdi Kanu and Biafra restoration.

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The extra-judicially detained Director of Radio Biafra, whom we now choose to refer to and call Lord Nnamdi Kanu has proven to be the spark-plug for an idea whose time has indeed come. He has galvanised Biafrans world over while in detention far more than he was able to do before his arrest through the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB). Across the globe, the Biafran spirit and the longing for Biafra is more than ever before revived.


The Afarukwu-Ibekwu-Umuahia-born Lord Nnamdi Kanu, a Prince from a Royal family. The Heir apparent to the throne of His Royal Majesty, Eze Sir I. O. Kanu, the Egwukwu 11 of Afarukwu, floated Radio Biafra out of nothing and chose to sustain the radio station than to have accommodation/a roof over his head in London and with his unprecedented firebrand broadcast he was able to generate lots of waves across the world which makes restoration of Biafra a catch phrase among Biafrans and enemies of Biafra alike.


The second phase of the match to Biafra restoration no doubt threw up characters that at some point showed traces of the kind of leaders needed to steer the ship of the Biafra struggle to a safe dock. But of the lot, many had found reason to doubt and question the sincerity of the lot save for Lord Nnamdi Kanu whose blistering campaign for Biafra in less than three years has gotten global appeal with a style that is so so irresistible and captivating with enamors result achieved already.


Everyone seem to be talking about him, every speech or move he makes and whatever that is happing to him and around him has got interpretations and reactions following it from millions of people. He has gradually become a darling and the most sought after Biafran campaigner worldwide with many fearing that the accolade might get into his head and make him drift away like others before him by the time he regains his freedom. But he had already in anticipation sworn with his son and household never to betray the trust placed on him by the Biafran people.

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Born in the thick of the genocidal war waged against his Biafran people, Lord Nnamdi Kanu had unapologetically affirmed that the “zoo” referred to as Nigeria only exists today because the white Europeans said so, insisting that it was not created by God the natural way all nations on earth came into existence. But rather was conceived in the heart of man to serve a purpose for which nation states were not and could not be designed for. “…Nigeria is today responsible for the untimely death of over 3.5 million butchered between 1966-70 in the name of preserving the territorial integrity which is in effect a fraud. The complete destruction of the zoo called Nigeria will not only serve to fulfill all righteousness but will send an unequivocal message to the forces of darkness that man does not create a nation only God does, it will also ensure that Biafra will be born into the family of nations without the ravenous monster to devour her aspirations,” Lord Kanu said.


He is the humble servant of the good people of Biafra and the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Biafra. As a servant of the Biafran people he has remained a dutiful worker for the Biafran course and a vicarious pride and source of inspiration to new generation of Biafrans who see in him the bulwark that will crystalize the independence of Biafra.


The Whiteman has a way of distinguishing a special breed that achieved a special feat in extra-ordinary circumstances from others in the roll. The Director of Radio Biafra should have the toga of “Lord” to his name, for in detention as in freedom, he has brought the people closer to Biafra. The ongoing protest would have achieved its main objectives with the unconditional release of Lord Nnamdi Kanu and Biafran independence restored; and will not stop save these two are met, anything other than these two, the protest has to continue unabated with a renewed vigour.


Release Lord Nnamdi Kanu Now!


And Give Us Biafra Or We All Die!!

Comrade A. Awogu wrote from Onitsha, Anambra State

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