Terrorism as APC’s Election-Winning Strategy – By Nwobodo Chidiebere



Less than twenty four hours after President Jonathan yielded to the demand of Nigerians to contest 2015 presidential election, the APC’s Chief Propagandist, Lai Mohammed came out with his venom-filled, pre-written speech to haul insults on the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria—the most populous black nation on earth. The APC’s chronic culture of debasing President Jonathan and the exalted office of the president without regard to Nigerians that gave him the mandate, portrays the APC not only as an association of political nincompoops and scallywags, it is also a party of ragamuffins, mooncalves, nitwits, misfits, simpletons, jackasses, ninnies, softheads, crooks, miscreants, scumbags, vuvuzelas, waifs, disgruntled elements, whose hallmarks of hypocrisy mesmerizes human intelligence! The bombings and maiming of innocent Nigerians few days to every pro-Jonathan rally, is a confirmation that Boko Haram is the military wing of the APC, whose ultimate goal is to destabilize this government.


In the hateful, venom-filled speech, the APC’s vuvuzela, Lai Mohammed described as utterly insensitive and absolute callous the decision by President Goodluck Jonathan to declare his second term ambition a day after almost 50 students were killed and about 80 injured in a suicide bombing in Potiskum, accusing the President of dancing on the graves of the students as well as of the all the victims of the Boko Haram insurgency. It is now crystal clear that the Boko Haram sponsors called the APC were depressed on seeing that the barbaric and condemnable plot to stop President Jonathan’s declaration by instigating their field soldiers to slaughter their fellow Nigerians few days to Presidential declaration did not materialized. The APC was equally intimidated by the mammoth crowd that greeted the declaration ceremony, which prompted Lai Mohammed to resort to insults and maligning of the office of the president in other to score cheap political points. Looking at the unpatriotic manner at which pro-APC media houses promotes Boko Haram activities ahead of the efforts of our gallant soldiers to provide security and chase away rag-tag military wing of the APC out of this country, one will arrive at an unfortunate conclusion that the APC are torch bearers of the Islamic State of Nigeria and the Levante (ISNL), where Talibanism and Al-qaedaism are child’s play. The unrelenting efforts being made by the APC financiers to frustrate the procurement of arms and ammunition by security agencies using their international connections, can attest to the fact the APC are using lives and properties of innocent Nigerians as pawns in the political chess board, to gain advantage ahead of 2015 elections. If the APC succeeded in intimidating President Jonathan into cancelling the declaration, the APC propagandist, Lai Mohammed would have being the first to say that the rally was cancelled as a result of President Jonathan’s weakness and incompetence! Now that President Jonathan has declared, the same APC is accusing him of being “insensitive” and was “celebrating the nation’s tragedy”. Is there someone somewhere timing these bombings? This is not the first time it is happening this way. I have noticed that each time the PDP sets a date to achieve something, some misfortune comes as the date draws closer, and when they still forge on to carry out their events the date longed planned, and the APC is always there to criticize them for insensitivity. I think the APC is Boko Haram, Boko Haram is the APC! Lai Mohammed and his co-jihadists, parading themselves as the APC leaders forgot that cancelling an event because a rag-tag, nihilist gang of murderers have struck, is as good as admitting defeat, especially a presidential declaration for a sitting president. This is what these disillusioned blood suckers want and living by their standard, is a sign of weakness. President Jonathan was right not to have cancelled the declaration. It projected him as a courageous leader, and to show that no matter what they do, our lives as Nigerians shall go on. And that sent strong message to the international community that President Jonathan has developed a very thick skin against the ranting and evil conspiracy of the APC, who see Nigeria as extension of their private estate. If one may ask, who really killed these children? The Boko Haram or the people who does not want President Jonathan to declare his intention to contest? What a fraudulent, mischievous, and conscienceless beast, is this Lai Mohammed—who has sold his soul to devil in the name of politics of bloodshed! When persons whose callous and insensitive utterances gave rise to, and heightened, the murderous activities of Boko Haram declared their presidential ambitions earlier before President Jonathan, it was called “sensitive” and “timely”. Why is that all APC’s presidential aspirants declared and there was no bomb explosion? Few days to President Jonathan’s declaration, bombs started going off like Christmas knock-out! Food for thought, it is crystal clear to Nigerians, who the sponsors of Boko Haram are. This is the same people scuttling the efforts being made by this administration to release the Chibok girls, which the same people masterminded their adoption over six months, to tarnish the image of this government. No democracy can thrive without formidable opposition, but this manner of opposition is becoming a nuisance, it is no more opposition, and it has neither semblance nor similarity of an opposition, and it only makes the ruling party stronger on the long run. This opposition is weakly composed with people with far different ideas and ideals, very colorless and in disarray. This opposition is all about so much lies, deceit, alarmism, sensationalism, hate, violence, anarchism, disregards for civility, blackmail, indecency, malice, negativity and propagation of Janjaweed ideology.



Nwobodo Chidiebere writes from Abuja.





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