We’ve Shed Enough Blood – Orji Uzor Kalu


Shell shocked former Abia state governor Dr.Orji Uzor Kalu Weekend called for an end to the cocktail of violence following the Kano bomb blasts which claimed over 200 lives including journalist Enenche Akogwu of Channels Television.

Kalu frowned at the wanton destruction of lives and property which can only lead to more bloodshed if not nipped in the bud by well meaning Nigerians.

According to him,”We cannot stand this new culture of bloodletting anymore.This country means more than blood and fire.The world is moving forward while violence relegates us to the dustbin of crisis.Things are happening so fast that we also need a supersonic solution.This is not the Nigeria of our dream.”

The former governor called on well meaning Nigerians to rally round the government in the bid to find a way round the orgy of violence.

“In a time like this, silence can no more be golden.Our elders must talk to our children,they need to secure their future.When we spill all the blood,there may be no tomorrow.Violence does not offer solutions.Enough is enough.Gradually,this crisis will drive investors and the effect on the economy would be devastating,”he said.

Kalu also sent his condolences to Channels Television whose reporter Enenche Akogwu was consumed by the Kano blasts.

“Journalists do not take sides.They are professionals who help pass the message.When they get killed in the course of duty,we all lose.Akogwu died for us all,may God be with Channels TV and his family,”Kalu added.



  1. What kind of Man is this current Nigeria president even a blind can see that this man has no spine to fight this kind of wanton destruction of lives and properties in Nigeria.
    In the face of all these what right thinking investor will come to Nigeria.
    Even Nigerians that live and work outside of Nigeria that are now retired, they are too scared to come home.
    If Jonathan is not up to this job he better step aside and let somebody else do it.
    This is not a matter of North/South/West everyone can now clearly see it.
    When he declared openly that his government has been infiltrated by Boko Haram I knew then that this president had no clue how to deal with the present situation.
    He should stop taking advice from Ngozi Iwela and co.
    This man has no clue what to do he just want to blame his weakness to govern on Boko haram, you can see the fear in this president. Obasanjo, look what you have done to Nigeria as a whole, this is Nigeria you Obasanjo worked so hard to save, whatever happened to you, you became so selfish though you saw the danger in putting this man in the office though Buhari won the election.
    For the feature of Nigeria without minding what part of Nigria you come from everyone can now clearly see that Jonathan is not up to job.

  2. Kalu it’s not only tv reporter dies in Kano blasts, there many innocences Nigerians, may be you are lie for what you are saying, for you northerns are not humans.


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