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The Junction: Oduduwa Apartheid Meets Ariwa Terrorism



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by Cajetan Iwunze

On the 12th of Oct. 2011, a combined meeting between Sultan of Sokoto and Oni of Ife’s government took place. In that summit, those present were Senate President, David Mark, the former president of Nigeria, Olusagun Obasajo, Professor Wole Soyinka and Pastor Bakare, as members of the Oni’s government. The names representing the Sultan of Sokoto’s government were former president, Mr Buhari, former vice president, Mr Atiku, Governor Murtala Nyako, Mr Ibrahim Yakowa, IGP Hafiz Ringim and Comrade Nuhu Mohammed 1st Division of Nigerian Army Kaduna.

The parliaments of these two traditional governments were chaired by Oni of Ife and his counterpart Sultan of Sokoto. In that gathering, they pondered on how to weaken GEJ led government, either to impeach him or use force to push him out of office and pave way for the VP to take over power which will give him the opportunity to rule for 4 years and then hand over to David mark in 2015.

The strategy adopted to accomplish that objective was 1966 genocide since Igbos are individuals, if an attack is lunched, they will all start running Back to the East. 25th Dec.2011 was pencilled as the day to unleash the mayhem on unsuspecting Igbos when they gather for worship. It was agreed that in carry out the operation, care must be taken to ensure only the Igbos were killed; anyone who is not Igbo in their mix should be informed to get out before the operation is executed.

Both governments agreed to hold a demonstration that will take off shine from the genocide; ‘removal of oil subsidy’ was chosen. A resolution was passed to arm the youths by the police to carry out the massacre under the umbrella of BOKO HARAM since it does not exist in reality. By so doing, it will help to create in the minds of people, especially, in the developed world that they have got a common enemy. The benefit would be, further logistics and equipment to further advance the genocide against the Igbos. The media was instructed not to carry the news on the genocide rather project the oil subsidy as a peaceful demonstration against a government who has lost its way. The Senate president was instructed to reconvene the upper house in support of the oil subsidy and to discard any suggestion to deliberate on the security issue ploughing the country. Immediately, a resolution was passed in support of the Labour union to carry out demonstration against the removal of oil subsidy.

While the demonstration was going on, thousands of Igbos were being targeted with inhumanity, majority of them vulnerable women and children. The whole Idea behind the massacre was to bring forward the Oduduwa constitution which stipulated the annihilations of Igbos in 150 year. With the believe that the people will retaliate, then the country (Nigeria) that its security forces are mainly Yorubas would use the federal power and Arsenal at their disposal to wipe the Igbos out quickly and occupy their oil field.

On the 25th of December 2011, Ariwa terrorists unleash their mayhem on ‘Igbo cluster of worshippers’. It started about 7.30am, a crowds led by Oduduwa Police, operating under BOKO HARAM were surging from street to street wherever the cry of Igbos went up. One victim had a crowd of about 1,000 after him. The media accounts were eloquent: Whenever an Igbo man is rooted out by the Oduduwa police the mob rushed upon him, and bullet driven into his skull killing him instantly.

In Ibadan, pregnant women were cut open and their unborn children taken out from their womb for rituals.

In Lagos, Area boys will first of all insult Igbos, rob them and attacked by group of ‘boys oyeeh’, one of them will blew the whistle as an expected signal hundreds of Yorubas will rush up from the neighbouring streets and descend on their victim. In Adamawa state all the houses belonging to Igbos were wrecked and their occupants massacred; those fleeing to the roof were brought down with explosives that killed them instantly. In Kano State the Muslims terrorists caught their victims cut off their manhood and put in revolvers and shut them dead.

In Bono State, some eye witnesses saw a group of Igbo men suspended alive from gallows by their ribs, among which first made an incision were, and then clinched Iron hooks with chains. In this manner they kept alive three days, hanging with their head and feet downward, and catching with their tongues the drops of water that were flowing down their bloated breasts. Some of them gasped, ‘Nwanne Nwanne echefunam’, meaning, ‘brother! Brother! Do not forget me’. On the fourth day they were executed by the terrorist protesting against the removal of Oil subsidy. Their heads cut off from their necks and their limbs severed from their body in accordance to Oduduwa tradition. That raises the question, what was the connection between the killing of Igbos and the removal of oil subsidy? How can we get rid of this barbaric culture of using human beings for rituals by those who called themselves Christians? How can we as a nation overcome corruption and lift Nigerians out from deprivation?

Nonetheless, as this genocide was going on, from city to city and town to town, the sadow of fear can be felt in the horizon- this blood sport of Oduduwa and Ariwa has reached a fever pitch- what seems to appear a total annihilation of Igbos- There is no one to speak for them Senator chukwumerije volunteered to become their spoke person and call on the GEJ government to act and bring these murderers to justice but to no avail because the perpetrators are above the law in the country they have rendered lawless. He informed the senate president, David Mark, that the issue at hand was very worrying and absolutely necessary to ‘grip the evil’, and not to ‘play with it’. The leader of the upper house told him that the most important thing was to protect the subsidy because so many businesses depend on it. Pastor Ayodele Oritsejafor, National President of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) disagrees with legislatures arguing that lives are more important than oil subsidy.

He went further to call on Nigerians to collectively fight against BOKO HARAM. He accused the organizers of Oil subsidy protesters of cynically undermining the government because of their own political selfish interest and endemic corruption. He called on the government to do everything to protect the lives and property of Nigerians.

He then imposes a question to them (organizers): “Where were you” he asked, “when Nigerians were being shot all over the North? Why did you not organise this kind of protest? Are you trying to tell me that petrol is more important than human life? Can we put petrol and human life on the same scale? We can’t do that! I mean human life is precious. You can’t compare petrol to human life. Dead people don’t buy fuel! Dead people don’t go to the market! Dead people can’t drive cars! It is only the living that can use fuel for God’s sake”.

He continued, “When things like this happen, there are opportunists. There are people who just jump on things to get cheap popularity. They don’t really mean well for Nigeria and Nigerians. Some of them are failed politicians; they are people who have lost out in the political equation. They are trying to use the removal of fuel subsidy to re-launch themselves and to be acceptable to the people. Some of them have never seen such assemblage. They want to jump there and talk. Unfortunately, for journalists, instead of concentrating on the people who are dying every day, they flash them (the protests) on the front-page: mother of all protests, sister of all protests and uncle of all protests! I mean it is ridiculous. It is not surprising to me that the wrong people have hijacked it”. (Sunday 15th January 2012 by Kehinde Oyetimi Tribune)

At the heat of the massacre intelligent reports reaching Abuja indicated a rising wave of anti-Ariwa sentiments across the 17 Southern states, a development the Ariwa government fear may explode into open attacks, unless something urgent is done. Emergency meeting was convened immediately between the two governments urging the Oduduwa government to keep its own side of the bargain. After 4 hours of deliberation Yoruba and Hausa communities came to a deal.

As the dead toll rises people began to question why some prominent Nigerians were more interested in the oil subsidy than the genocide going on under their noses. Ameka Anyaoku, former Secretary General of Common Wealth said in BBC Radio 4 programme 15th Jan. 2012 that corruption is the main reason and those who are benefiting from it would not like it to end.

His view was confirmed by the KPMG research, in a forensic analysis of the operations of the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation in 2005, which according to them unveiled startling revelations about the company run with unimaginable fiefdom. The report showed that the NNPC is a rotten egg, from which a miasma of stench oozes, under OBJ, to the detriment of the Nigerian government and the Nigerian people.

In one of the findings, KPMG found that the NNPC does not even have the data of crude oil production in a centralized manner from 1976-2007, the data is stored in the computer of staff appointed by OBJ. NNPC approves oil lifting to companies not on the government approved list; but to sycophants that support the tyrant who was determined to erode the principle by which our young democracy hinges. There are delays in billing the oil lifters and variants between the invoice value and the LC value. In one such instance, invoice number COS/02?PPMC/026/2004-5 has a cargo valuation of $395.4 million, but LC value of $75million. The four refineries in 2005 and 2006 recorded capacity utilization of 18 per cent from 40 per cent in 1999; the process of importing fuel was obscure during Obasanjo regime, sometimes companies not approved in a quarter, suddenly re-appeared on the list. NNPC incurs average demurrage of 31 days for oil cargoes, subsidy claims based on volume of products imported, not on what was actually lifted out of the depots for sale to Nigerians. However, KPMG refused to release the data on the figure according to regions that have got the license to import oil into the country, according to the head researcher it will not make a comfortable reading because it seems the allocation has more political consideration imbedded into it than economic well-being of the country.


The summary of KPMG findings:

1. “No centralized location for storing electronic copies of historical production and allocation data since 1976-2007. The present government’s determination to curb corruption has introduced computer system to archive record of sales since 2010.

Implication to the OBJ past administration: Potential loss of historical production information in event of staff turnover or system failure; difficulty in retrieving prior documents/ reports.

2. NNPC is invoiced in US$ for domestic crude allocations but is expected to remit the equivalent Naira value to the Federation Account. However this research shows that exchange rates used by NNPC were lower than the average exchange rates published by the CBN during the review period from 1976-2007.


Exchange rate variances for 2004, 2005 and 2006 were estimated at N95.7 bn, N83.8 bn and N76.7 bn respectively. (Using CBN rates for the month of transaction) NNPC claimed they obtained the exchange rates from CBN via phone but there was no document to substantiate the claim.

Implication: Significant underpayment of domestic crude cost to the Federation Account and criminal activities at the heart of the government.

3.This research also found that NNPC’s subsidy claims and PPPRA’s verification are based on volume of petroleum products available for sale (volume of products imported and actual production from the refineries) as against duly verified volume of products lifted out of the depots (volume of petroleum products sold) as stipulated in the subsidy guidelines.

Implications: Potential risk of subsidy payment on products not consumed by end users due to losses from pipeline vandalism, theft e.t.c. A rough estimation of subsidy payment on product losses for the period under review (2004 – 2007) is estimated at N 101.8 billion. Risk of payment of subsidy on imported fuel destroys our local refineries, increase unemployment and economic under-development.

It is this high level of corruption and genocide against one section of the community that made us to exercise our democratic right to match the match of freedom. I say it with reluctance that I must observe my country’s conducts has been uniformly wicked in the North-and even in the city of Lagos. The ground object of Yoruba SSS and their politicians is money, money, money-in the East the poor wretched Igbos-blessed with the most fertile and luxuriant soil that flow with milk and honey- are rendered so much the more miserable for what providence meant as a blessing- the Oduduwa Christians abominable kidnapping-and hurried cruelty and treachery of Ariwa terrorism-encouraged by traditional leaders- But enough- it is a subject that sours my blood.

Note: follow the link below to view the list of Christmas victims of BOKO HARAM. http://news2.onlinenigeria.com/latest-addition/130991-list-of-victims-of-nigeria-s-christmas-day-bombing.html 1 attachment

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