BreakingNews: Labor Shuts Down Enugu State


Information coming out of Enugu State indicates that Enugu has shutdown.

According to information received by from eyewitness reports on the ground in Enugu State, the State activities has come to a halt following earlier arrests by the State Governor of some top officials of National Labor Congress who had at the New Haven hotel to lead a demonstration relating to the N18,000 minimum wage. Those that were arrested included, TUC president, Peter Esele, NLC Dep. President, Mohammed, Natl Sec. Owei Lakemfa and others.

Following the arrest of labor demonstrators and reporters who had come to report on the demonstration, it was gathered that the Police officers in Enugu received orders from the police headquaters in Abuja instructing that the arrests of the labor demonstration should halt and that the arrested persons should be released. And so the police staged in Enugu halted the arrest.

But the Enugu State government changed tactics and resorted to hiring thugs to handle the demonstrating labor activist and leaders. The police, in turn, have begun arresting the said thugs and infomation indicates that some of the thugs have pointed to the State administration as having hired their services. .

Meanwhile, the knee jerk arrests by the State Government appeared to have resulted to the shutdown of activities in Enugu. This is as the workers in Enugu State who heard of the treatment meted to the labor leaders decided to close work and shutdown the State. The workers at the Power Holding Company of Nigeria [PHCN], Banks, Schools, Markets, Parks, Civil Security agencies, Civil Servants – have closed work in protest.

Stay tuned for a comprehensive report.


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