Attacks: 518 killed, 20 villages displaced in Southern Kaduna communities – ACDA President


… Accused military of complicity over persistent killings

By Israel Yusuf, Kaduna

The Atyap Community Development Association (ACDA) President, Mr. Samuel Achi has disclosed that 518 people have been gruesomely killed with thousands taking refuge, 20 Villages displaced while 18 villages burnt down from 2017 till date.

The ACDA President who stated this on Monday while addressing a World Press Conference in Samaru Kataf, said the persistent attacks are likened to those of 2019 and are the handwork of some criminal elements in their midst that need to be apprehended and punished in accordance with the provisions of the criminal law by the security agencies.

He said the systematic attacks, killings and burning going on in Atyap by armed militias with the collaboration of the local Fulani, aided and sheltered by the Hausa community in Zangon Urban, is all aimed at taking over their land which they shall resist with the last drop of their blood.

” We call on our people to exercise their natural, fundamental and constitutional right of self defence against any further unprovoked attacks, stressing enough is enough. We also want to make it very clear that henceforth any attack on any of our communities will attrack a total no go area for rearing cows,” Achi vowed.

While lamenting on the complicity of the military, he noted that the Military drafted to provide security in the area are not helping matters.

He explained that instead of performing their primary assignment of securing all lives and properties of the communities, the military are selective by taking side with the herdsmen.

“This is evident in the 2023 First Quarter Security Report presented to the Kaduna State Government by the Sector Commander, Operation Safe Haven in Southern Kaduna, Brigadier General Timothy Opurum on the recent killings in Atyap land.

“In his doctored submission, the Sector Commander gave an unbalanced, lopsided report and was very economical with facts which prompted the Governor to note “with concern the continued failure of the traditional and community leaders in Zangon Kataf Chiefdom to prevent resort to self-help by recalcitrant youths, and assure you that we will take some actions to send a message in this regard.”

Achi expresssed concerned why the Sector Commander, Brigadier General Timothy Opurum, deliberately failed, neglected and/or refused to highlight the contributions of the Traditional Council in Atyap land towards maintaining peace in the Chiefdom and the influx of many dangerous lawless Fulani terrorists into Zangon Kataf Urban Hausa settlement and their attendant criminal activities in the last 3 years as responsible for the brutal attacks on mostly innocent and defenseless women and children in Atyap villages which facts are known to him and other security agencies in the area.

” His report did not convey the positive role played so far by the Traditional Council and other community leaders in dissipating the conflicts.

The Executive Chairman of Zango Kataf Local Government Area, Hon. Francis Sani (Zimbo) has called on the Federal Government and the International Community to come to the aide of the vulnerable Communities.

He said the displaced persons are in dire need of medical assistance to help treat their ailments and rebuild their burnt Communities.



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