Boko Haram bomb maker dies after stepping on explosive



A Boko Haram bomb maker, Awana Gaidam has reportedly died after “stepping on a self-made improvised explosive device” planted for Nigerian troops in Borno state.

Awana was believed to be responsible for plotting many IEDs attacks troops of Operation Hadin Kai during fighting patrols, along major highways between Maiduguri to Damboa, Bama to Pulka and Bita as well as Banki to Darajamal general area.

The sources disclosed that Awana had planted bombs in strategic positions to fortify his camp within the Sambisa forest but little did he know that his evil plot to kill soldiers and derail military operations in the general area, would only come back to claim his life as the explosive device and shattered his body into several pieces.

Intelligence Sources disclosed that the bomb struck his vehicle along Njumia and Arra in the Sambisa forest general area on March 27, killing him instantly.

The 39-year-old bomb maker, apart from his high status in the command structure of the Boko Haram terrorists, was one of their capable hands involved in making Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs).




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