Credible Leadership: The Bala Mohammed Example In Bauchi State – By Umar Duguri


It is often said a leader without credible successor is a failure in the society. This forms part of the succession crisis often experienced when the need arises for change or at elections. Most leaders preoccupy themselves with other important issues to forget making the hay when the sun shines and end-up without grooming genuine successors that understand their vision and focus in governance until the wee hour. In most situations, the governed are worst for it in the long run when wrong choices are made. History has shown that wrong choices are factors responsible for lack of continuity of good governance with debilitating inconsistencies that retard progress.

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One of the formidable tasks a genuine leader accomplishes is grooming a worthy and credible successor that shares his ideals, vision and tenacity of purpose spiced with sincere loyalty and commitment to the welfare of the governed.

The groomed successor should be a person with proven integrity blessed with the courage to deliver results minding the public interest of the predecessor no matter the circumstance.

In the present situation, in Bauchi, there are those masquerading as loyalists to the ruling party and subscribers to the ideals of Bala Mohammed in governance but the opposite is the case if carefully assessed. Some unpatriotic politicians   are desperate and inpatient to take over and are same mischievously behind the scene fighting the administration they want to take over from. They operate under the guise of politicking while others have recruited identified miscreants and political merchants to challenge the administration tailored to ridicule as others are running from coast to coast recruiting all manner of people to package them for sale to the gullible public just to achieve their inordinate ambitions which is too early now.

Over the years as former FCT Minister, apart from acquitting himself in service delivery, Gov  Bala Mohammed painstakingly groomed several capable and determined disciples of his peculiar leadership ostensibly for continuity of laudable service tailored to the comfort of the governed.

In 2010 when he was defecting to the PDP from the defunct ANPP, he carried along trusted and some state and National assembly lawmakers in the state who enjoyed his influence in 2007 elections and remained committed to his ideals of modern democracy. Others abused the trust and resorted to fighting him without a cause.

Unarguably, as FCT minister he left no stone unturned as he set a paradigm shift for his predecessors, including the completion and initiation of new meaningful projects.  This is  in tandem of  his quest to reposition Bauchi State in the main stream politics for greater developmental initiatives and stand a chance of benefitting a meaningful federal projects such as the Tsangaya Islamic schools, additional universities in the northeast (Yobe and Taraba state respectively) etc .

The overwhelming support he receives from the people across party divide shows his place in history as a great political titan that sacrifices his life to midwife the State to greatness and total emancipation laced with guaranteed security to lives and property.

Having acquitted himself and set the pace in the sub-region, his recent election as 5th governor of Bauchi state prove his support and confidence from the good people of the state based on his track record of achievements in service to humanity and credible representation for over a decade.

Soon on assumption of office in less than a year Bauchi state has totally change its facelift in all boundaries, from coast to coast—from nook and crannies of state.

Civil servant are now smiling with the implementation of the national minimum wage; training and retraining to enhance capacity building an optimum upshot; promotion and rationalization.

Restive youths have now turned to be future product of the state; some are now in university from 0 level while some re sit their papers. Massive road construction and rehabilitations of dilapidated schools etc

With the bunch of desperate lame-duck  politicians and opposition members   that are condemning Gov. Bala Mohammed, who are lacking vision, patriotism, nationalistic instinct and altruistic  tendencies, majority look at position as an opportunity, not only to steal public funds , but to loot and plunder with pride. They drive pleasure in displaying arrogance with ill-gotten wealth and ostentatious living

Honestly, Bauchi state is now gaining its lost glory and being saved from head to ditch. Another distraction from service delivery will turn back the hands of the clockand rob the state of the many gains of democracy that Gov. Bala Mohammed battles to bequeath



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