Assault On Journalist: Premier Radio Condemns Police Brutality


Premier Radio has condemned the brutal attack on its staff, Muhammad Bello Dabai in front of the Station while carrying out his lawful duties on Monday afternoon.

The unfortunate incident happened at around 3.30 pm when the attention of Muhammad Bello Dabai was called to witness an escaping thief that was being pursued by the public as he was running away from Nassarawa Hospital where the Police have taken him for treatment. As the members of the public were in his pursuit and pelting him with stones, the thief fell down in front of our Station. Our staff, including Muhammad Bello Dabai were at the scene as witnesses before the Police Officer on duty in our station called the Area Command for Police intervention.

When the Policemen arrived to take away the culprit, Mr Dabai was snapping the incident as a journalist for his news beat. Surprisingly, without any provocation one of the police officers confronted him to stop him, and a fracas ensued. Even after Mr Dabai showed him his ID Card, and identified himself as a journalist, he was forcefully manhandled by the policeman, who pushed him into their service vehicle, declaring that they would take him to the Police Station for interrogation and detention. Mr Dabai was beaten and slapped severally on their way to the office, where he was also forced to lie on the vehicle floor.

When Premier Radio quickly reported the matter to the Area Commander of the Metro Police Command to secure the release of Mr Dabai, the Area commander rebuked his officers for their high-handedness. The recalcitrant police officers were however non-repentant and unapologetic.

In a statement signed manager news and current affairs of the station Mukhtar Yahaya Usman said the station hereby demand a verifiable action on these unrepentant and brutal officers, including an unconditional apology without which we reserve the right to seek legal redress.



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