The Blessing Continues!….Mustapha Lamido visits Kazaure emir


His royal highness the emir of Kazaure, Alhaji Dr. Najib Hussaini Adamu received the Jigawa state PDP gubernatorial candidate of the 2023 election, Alhaji Mustapha Sule Lamido Lamido (Santurakin Dutse) in his palace on Tuesday, June 21, 2022 on his statewide tour seeking for blessings, prayers and advises from the traditional leaders and Jigawa critical stakeholders.

It was heartwarming and encouraging!

Lamido begins his speech with praising the God Almighty, royal greetings and gratitude to the emir for the warm reception.

Santuraki affirmed their stand to remain calm, steadfast in prayers and be good children of Jigawa state who are faithful, religious, peace-loving and who are united and have intention of moving Jigawa state to the great height.

Jigawa needs something and someone new and committed to the development of the state and its people!

Mustapha Lamido assured the emir that PDP will conduct itself in an orderly, respectful and a peaceful manners, while conducting all its campaigns.

PDP will not be only urbane, but calm and issue-based in all its political campaigns!

The PDP gubernatorial candidate promised to, God willing, uplift the standard of the state by cooperating and liaising with the traditional institutions if elected as the governor of Jigawa state. Lamido, also said, they will to do everything possible to move the state forward.

Jigawa is what our grandparents had, it’s the land cherished by our fathers, we the children must love and develop it!

In his reaction, his royal highness first word, after praising Allah, is “Santuraki is my son” and by his speech he confirmed that he is my son and he relieved me as his father to further say anything more than what he has said. The emir said I am not receiving you as my guest, but receiving my own (you come home)

The emir of Kazaure thank God for bringing us to the season of politics and it is the season of fear and trauma but seeing the calibre of people in your entourage and listening to Santuraki’s speech made me to calm down, feel relief and still have hope of sanity and positive expectations

His Highness urged the people to be faithful, God fearing, law abiding, peace loving people and be brothers keepers.

Dr. Najib (HRH) said, what still gives him hope in the candidacy of Santuraki is remembering what has happened to Jigawa in the past and he hopes such should repeat itself. The emir wish Lamido Junior well.

One important thing that made his Highness speech superb is his insight in thinking of gender. Where the emir appealed for the women inclusion- women need to be carried on board especially in contest and winning of elective position as lawmakers were they will be part of law or policy making especially in public fund appropriation and child protection, welfare and wellbeing (like the issue of orphans and widows) and this tally with Santuraki’s attitude of caring for the orphans, widows and the physically challenged persons

May Allah help us.



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