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Wase Politics Is On The Verge Of Being Opened Up – By Adamu Maikasuwa Saluwe



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Apparently, Wase politics is far from the real polity, peculiar of a normal political setting. The situation has been a recurring decimal since the 2011 General Elections. The political practice direction that appears to predominate the political environment has been demoralising and destructive. It was occasioned by some crafty politicians who were drafted into the politics of the area by some responsible members of the elite with good intent. Some of these people are today being demonised for being steadfast and firm reenact what they did in the past for communal good. But the political malpractices of the major political players whose stars supposedly shine at the moment have significantly undermined the political culture and the level of political socialisation that the pioneer political champions of the area have laboured to entrench over the years. As it stands, political values of the area and of course, the norms are being shattered and demolished by the unprecedented opportunists who have obviously taken the opportunity for a right to do and undo at will. They have dimmed the political lights; shut down the polity and arrogated to themselves the power to determine who gets what; when and how. And such intrusion has virtually permeated all spheres of life in Wase. Sooner than later, the opportunists if left unchecked will begin to decide for the people of Wase who superintends over affairs of Cart Pushers Association; who becomes class monitors and head boys or head girls respectively in our schools and leaders of associations of other menial occupations in the area. As for critical institutions and organisations, such imposition is the new normal. The rest of the story in that regard is now history for the upcoming generations.

These situations and other unwholesome acts being meted out to majority of the people of Wase, behove the people of conscience; honour and responsibility in the area with the burden of resistance and challenge, despite the names and the qualifiers that some hired sold outs may use to describe them. Perhaps, those sold outs and traitors who rascally dispense insults and abuses on even their biological parents because they are blinded by the chicken feed they were given have not fathomed the internecine consequences of their actions. They should however know that the chicken feeds they have received could not quench their thirst let alone their hunger for wealth and fame. What an excessive desire for pecuniary benefits? It is unfortunate that such people who on several occasions lamented the acts of injustice being meted out to them and their people, would suddenly turned praise singers of their tormentors for pecuniary benefits that are regrettably nothing to write home about. Such attitude is unfortunate and never befitting of people of honour and integrity. Abuse my father; my siblings and my uncles and even my close and distant neighbours because of money? May Allah save us. Only a prodigal and an illegitimate child or children could do that. No matter the level of intoxication. No matter the amount of money showered. After all, how much was he or were they bought to warrant such overnight misbehaviour against one’s people. If we speak out today because we are left out of the scheme and keep mute tomorrow because we are coopted, it will be the height of corruption and responsibility. We really pity them, particularly those young people who have exhibited such attitude which we believe is akin to commission of suicide in a broad daylight. If we were that type, we would have compromised the struggle for justice, for long, because of a pot of porridge like those sold outs have done. God forbids; it will be last last thing to think about. The people of conscience; honour and responsibility must not falter in their determination to rescue their beloved people or rest on their oars. They must not only resist and challenge the status quo of dictatorial representations and leadership but must be seen to do that. The future of posterity obviously lies on their palms. And, they have two options. To either toy with it or to jealously protect it like there is no tomorrow. Keeping silence and display of apathy in the face of injustices is tantamount to abetment. It is a blatant complicity. God watches; angels document and keep records. And the righteous among humans are also witnesses. And the atrocities will never go in vain. Retributive justice precedes the actual judgement awaiting every rogue and even the righteous are not exempted. It is therefore time for those people of conscience and responsibility to rise and speak in unison with one strong and irresistible voice otherwise posterity will look back on them scornfully and with disdain. It can even curse them for compromising.

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Although there are other palpable reasons for which the political baton must be wrested from the opportunists to open up the politics of Wase, time and space may not permit mentioning. The people of conscience; honour and responsibility must deem it a duty to summon courage, challenge the tyrannical style of stewardship which has been coated in a multilayered fabric to continue deceiving; milking dry and dehumanising the innocent and unsuspecting electors; their children and wards in the area. However, the good news is that, as the journey to unbundling and restoration of the true politics of Wase which is characterised with competitiveness and sense of possibilities and respect for popular sovereignty is about to commence any moment soon, it is expected that every responsible son or daughter of Wase will be part of the process and the collective resolve for the restoration. Posterity will definitely evaluate this critical epoch in Wase political peregrination. It will know the traitors and the sold outs as well as the responsible members of the political entity.

No doubt, the political opportunists would fight dirty in the build up to the 2023 race to maintain their firm merciless grips and their carnivalising fingernails that are already deepened into the flesh of their victims. But the RESCUERS appear all out and very determined to do what they have set out for. The opportunists are no doubt the marauding beasts; the courageous ones for that matter as they never lurked in the darkness to unleash their acts of terror. They overtly unleash all acts of wickedness on the vulnerable and innocent preys who sincerely from day one, reposed all confidence in them and handed over their fates to them with all sense of trust. What a betrayal! Remember, there is tomorrow; definitely, there is. And, the table is never stable; it is always ruffled and it goes round. Conspicuously it must move this time around by the special grace of Allah whether they like it or not. The omens are are there and the miracle is imminent but only the wise can notice and heed to.

It is clearly a self deception for an armed robber or the worst, an armed bandit, to think because they had a field day in the past, it will always continue to be so. It is not even normal of life. Therefore, the people of conscience are of the belief that the future of Wase will not continue to repose in those who toy with it and also relegate its people to the background. It must be redeemed and saved from being squandered by a few whose major preoccupation is primitive accumulation of wealth that they don’t even needed and obsession about unrealistic self aggrandisement as well as elevations of relations, friends, cronies, and even acquaintances from distant climes to the detriment of the people who mandate them. Indeed covetousness and excessive penchant for power and relevance are flaws that often lead to a disgraceful down fall or end of a hero.

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As the already drawn thin political line becomes more glaring by the day, no doubt a victor as well as the vanquished must eventually emerged. Both will be the offshoots of what the people of Wase who have already indicated where the pendulum shall swing, will do in February and March, 2023. As the two antithetical political forces that have emerged continue to devise and redevise strategies for power retention and for wresting it respectively, the two sides obviously will continue to live in denials. One justified while the other unjustifiable until the last day of the struggle. Despite the noticeable indices pointing to what majority of the people of Wase desire for themselves, If democracy is truly a government by the people and for the same people is something to go by, one can safely say the people of Wase have resolved to take charge of their affairs and willingly decide who can periodically could superintend them on their behalf.

This will definitely chance. It is a matter of time. Those who could live longer will definitely witness it. Decision of the majority shall prevail even though the minority can assert itself. May we be among those who live longer to not only witness but to actively be part of the change process.

It suffices to say, the divide which has been licking the power candy for long, may rely on the previous devices of winning or manipulating elections that might have been obsolete and outdated which is akin to a criminal banking on expired amulets and ineffective magic wand. The most unfortunate and most pathetic aspect of the self delusion, is the fact that the victims of the obsolete devices or the expired amulets and ineffective magic wands will never detect or notice failures of the extraordinary powers until the day and the time they are expected to save them from an impending danger. Definitely, it would be too late to restrategise hence, they will be consumed by the evil they sowed. No doubt as you sow, so you shall reap.

The spectators are watching; commentators comment while an analyst analyses. However, the comments and analyses only benefit those who are not doomed for tragedy, for a tragic hero, he never heeds to whatever caution, otherwise the game goes along with the harbingers from the onset.

The people of Wase who are obviously being taken for a ride by the opportunist politicians are no doubt not stones, blocks, woods, or any senseless object. They have feelings; can see; can hear and above all can comprehend. So why the duplicity; why the deviousness and the dubiousness; why the fickleness and the inconsistency; why the pretence? Wase people have understood the pattern employed by every player on the political arena but only time shall reveal the things we highlight here and in other pieces. Both those who heeded and those who trivialised message and even crucified or attempted to crucify the messenger shall come to terms with realities either sweet or bitter.

Let the VULTURES who happily feast today continue living in denial when the safe route, is to honourably tread the path of honour and justice by allowing the original political practice direction to take its full circle.

May Allah help Wase and its people.

Maikasuwa sent in this piece from Wase

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