Lady, 35 storms Anambra in search of biological mother


By Favour Goodness

A 35 year old lady who gave her name as Patience has stormed the commercial city of Onitsha, Anambra state in search of her biological mother.

Patience said that she did not actually know the exact part of Anambra her mother comes from but insisted that her father met her mum while serving at Onitsha Military cantonment.

The lady who is frantically searching for her mum whose name according to her is Mary said the happiest thing that would happen to her is to reconcile with her mother and maternal relations.

Patience said “Actually I was born in onitsha but didn’t grow up there, my dad is from Kaduna state, his name is Luka Kuchi but my Mum is from Awka Local Government Area. I was actually raised by my step mum whom I thought was my real mum but later found out that she is actually not my biological mother.

“My dad told me that my mum is from Awka LGA in Anambra and that her name is Mary who he met at onitsha barracks in 1985. I was told that she left me after giving birth to me when I was just three months old when her parents ordered her to go and drop me that they will never allow her to mother an Hausa man’s child.” Patience explained.

She added that her mother has since then disappeared as nobody actually know her whereabout or that of her parents’ residence.

“I have tried everything possible to locate my mother without success, it was a friend who suggested that I should take my case to the press, I just hope and pray that I would be reconnected to my mum through your medium. That is the best thing that will happen to me, I long to see her and embrace her every day.” Patience said.

The only thing Patience is armed with while trying to locate her mum is the picture of her father, Sergeant Major Luka Kuchi.


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