Soludo Has Become Necessary For Anambra – By Mr. Enemuo C.C Esquire


The more events unfold in Anambra state politics the more Soludo becomes necessary.

I had watched to see if there would be any reason to search hope in other aspirants, all are see is defections and monetary inducements.

We that are not partisan see defection as political prostitution, therefore any men who practices any kind of prostitution is dishonorable.

Monetary inducement we see as sharp pointer at future looting and corruption seeds have been sown without doubt, which means we are allowing a group of traders to help themselves in the name of partisanship, and we all are trying to try to purchase that in a time like this?

Just like I know, majority of politicians can not be trusted.

I mean by tomorrow. Soludo might himself decamp to become another surprising moment in dirty politics, I mean, he might even be traded in and over, but till then, I am for Soludo.

It wouldn’t be a surprise if Soludo delivers but would if other aspirants does.

We have wished a moment like this when the people selects her own.

If Chukwuma Soludo is a mistake, I am about to proudly make another by November.

Mr. Enemuo C.C Esquire is a business man and industrialist from Nanka, Anambra



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