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Bauchi 2023: Air Marshall Sadeeq in the Hands of Undertakers – By Sanusi Muhammad



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In desperation and frustration, they have rolled out the drums of political campaign before the umpire blows the whistle. Pedestrians and jobbers have kick-started the struggle for elective offices earnest in Bauchi state. The serial losers and the usual political undertakers that have dominated the political landscape to eke a living from desperate aspirants blindfolded by an aggressive mental illusion for power are on the bit for 2023.

The most desperate to replace a performing governor who is 100 percent indigenous, is the sacked Chief of Air Staff, Air Marshall Sadeeq Baba Abubakar  as we are told by his undertakers combing the streets trading falsehood and ibeberism as Rochas Okorocha may describe their juvenile actions. They are of the Ikebe Super Star fame of the entertainment industry.

Although, one may hate to join issues with power mongers and undertakers who have already acquired a burial space at the political grave yard for their desperate victim, facts are sacrosanct and should be stated to strengthen the records for posterity. In trying to launder the image of a political intruder lacking political base anywhere on planet earth, we are told that Bauchi air force hospital and the air striking base were the initiative of Air Marshall Sadeeq as his contribution to the development of Bauchi state. From the truth, Air Marshall Sadeeq only inherited an already approved development plan waiting implementation including the initial cost of the project which later became a subject of several contractual variations during execution by the sacked Chief of Air Staff.

One begs to ask the laboring launderer the existence of any air force base the world over that came into existence without a standard medical facility and an accompanying striking air base to have commended Sadeeq for such a feat.

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To my understanding, the commendable role played by Sadeeq Baba Abubakar which must be appreciated by beneficiaries was the award of the contracts to his friends, relations and fronts that can easily be verified by any doubting Thomas to form a safer opinion on what to expect in the unfolding drama series called gubernatorial aspiration lacking direction, coordination and purposefulness.

With all honesty and sincerity of purpose, no one is accusing the sacked Chief of Air Staff of any corrupt practice, involvement in any scandal made public or case of malfeasance when he held sway. That apart, there are several calls to the anti-corruption agencies to zoom swiftly into action for a forensic auditing of the Nigerian Air Force after the exit of Air Marshall Sadeeq Baba Abubakar for the records, and to possibly give him a clean bill of health. Until after the forensic auditing and its report made public, doubting minds shall either be put to shame or celebrate to high heavens for nailing their prey adjudged by his surrogates as Mr. Clean just to deceive the gullible in the absence of any laundering tool. 

In the attempt to launder the aspiration of the political novice who is now struggling to own a residence that he can call his in the state he wants to govern, we were entertained with bowls of contradictions and confusion. We were told that the people of Bauchi state are calling on him to join the 2023 gubernatorial race while his pitiful posters are already pasted at strategic locations displaying desperate aspiration that are at best for the street Mai suya. 

In several postings, we are told that Air Marshall Sadeeq Baba Abubakar is already the next governor of Bauchi state, as the ‘approved’ candidate of President Buhari or rather the approved candidate of Sadiyya Farouk and from the same source we are told that there is a call for his endorsement to agree to aspire. We are now thrown into confusion. Should we then believe that the whole aspiration is a day dream, bundle of confusion, pedestrian and a Kanny wood drama series carelessly being packaged for 2023?

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As for throwing a challenge to the sitting governor of Bauchi state which disturbs no sleep, one believes the All Progressives Congress (APC), has better and more credible aspirants that labored for the success and subsequent survival of the party right from 2013. Those democrats under no circumstance shall allow their hard labor snatched overnight by an intruder from the blues lacking the required genuine credentials for trust of representation at any level.

It may be wrong to say that Air Marshall Sadeeq Baba Abubakar is not qualified for the herculean task he imposed unto himself as part of the illusion he swims in, but, let him put it at the back of his mind and all those masquerading as his associates that he is the least qualified to be trusted with the task of governing Bauchi state that is yearning for aggressive development from 100 percent indigenes not the half-baked. Governing Bauchi state is not a tea party or Christmas dinner for impoverished troops at the theatre of war in the northeast. It is not incapacitation to degrade bandits in the Northwest. It is a serious business that only the experienced and blessed can handle with dexterity and passion. I come in Peace!

Muhammad is a commentator on national issues

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