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Dr Gumi should stop confusing the Thunder… – By Sabo Douglas Garba



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Recently, there was this cry of injustice by the cleric, noting that the security men went to herders settlements, asked them to park their luggages and leave those locations they have occupied and set the Thatched Ruga huts ablaze.

He further showed the world how the ordinary Fulani herders were maltreated by security men and their basic need for special aminities are ignored.

Whereas in recent times, released kidnapped victims testimonials revealed that the kidnappers camps are along similar routes and when they were in captivity, they were kept in the same type of Thatched huts.

These Thatched huts are originally the common type of the Fulani herders shelter which serves as their houses and when viewed from an air surveillance it is believed to be a Fulani settlement.

This I believe is the reason why the kidnappers chose the same style of shelter for their camps in order to confuse the security, against any air bombardment. I.e when viewed from afar, it is simply an innocent Fulani settlement rather than a kidnappers camp.

Understanding this strategy, the security in their wisdom have taken a step by not randomly suspecting or attacking Thatched huts settlements around that route, but have resolved to ask all herders to park and leave those areas so as they won’t be mistaken for a kidnappers camp and as expected, enlightened people like Dr Gumi came to potray it as though government is being wicked to the Fulani race.

This got unlookers thinking as there are multiple evidence to proof that the innocent Fulani people were not left out of these attrocities that has become of our communities, as alot of them have been rendered broke and their cows have been rustled.

On my routine visit to local communities, I stumbled on a public secondary school one particular day and realised that the school vicinity was covered by cows and lots of fleeing herders. Some of the herders were wounded while their wives and kids were agitated. The poor villagers came to send them away but the sight they saw left them with no choice than to allow them rest and showers them with acts of kindness.

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According to them, they were attacked by bandits in the bushes and some of their cows were carted away. That the safest place to run to is inside the villages and towns, as their their daily survival in the bushes can only be imagined.

In another community, I was informed of a plan by people in the community to go and question the sudden appearance of a large herders family groups and the reason for the invasion they staged to this community. Days later, an interview with the herders revealed that they suddenly appeared in that town because according to them, the bush is too hot for them.

They further revealed that some strange dare devils, who are of the Barraro clan have appeared from nowhere and their mandate is to rid them off of their cows. They further mentioned neighboring families that had thousands of cows and today have nothing because these night crawlers came visiting.

They further cited how a security air invasion of the bandits camps along Kakau general area became the reason for their survival today. That it was that military bombardment that got the bandits running, which gave them the avenue to escape to towns. These are stories you will not hear in towns, as the likes of Dr Gumi are buy selling the wrong narratives to the people for reasons best known to them.

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Weeks ago, there were multiple incidents of kidnappings around Kakau ward of chikun Local Government, which led the citizens to stage protests. Worthy of note is a particular one according to my source, that on that fateful morning, the daredevils came to a Mosque and waited for people to round up their prayer session and on that fateful morning, almost all those that camera for that prayer session had no choice but to follow the kidnappers to their Den and what happened later can only be best imagined. I wonder why clerics like Dr Gumi will not condem such ungodly act and spell in vivid terms the punishment awaiting anyone who goes to a Mosque and abduct a Muslim saying his prayer.

Instead we see him doing all he can to attract sympathy to the Fulanis. Though I have no problem with a man trying to attract sympathy to his people; But my concern is in the fact that he has not been able to define in vivid terms who he intends to drag sympathy for.

Is he working in the interest of the criminals that have stopped us from having a sound sleep for decades? The same people that have staged war against our innocent citizens? The thieves, the killers, the bandits? The same people that derive pleasure in causing unimaginable pains to other innocent Fulanis? The Fulani Weezy boys? The smokers and drunken Fulanis? Or our original traditional Fulanis whom we’ve been with for decades and we all have been victims of the passing Barraroji Invaders?

I think Dr Gumi should spell out whose interest precisely he is protecting because to me, he is simply confusing the Thunder

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