World Top 7 head of the state (2020)


Xi Jinping President of china

 President XI JANG PANG of china is number 1 on our list. president xi is the most powerful leader in China after Meo Zedong His fabulous trade diplomacy has expanded the Chinese market to far regions internationally, His active leadership in the corona pandemic is a role model for the world, His Timely aggressive Approach against India in the recent confrontation in Ladakh is worth mentioning, under his leadership Chinese trade goes to new highs. His crackdown of corruption in China, poverty eradication, and proposing the road and belt initiative make him a successful head of the state in the world today.

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan president of turkey

President of Turkey Recep Tayab Erdogan is number 2nd in our list, refers as “sultan” by his supporters, his bold and straight forward leadership on some sensitive issues has given him a grace internationally, his stance for Rohingya Muslim’s, Kashmir, and Palestine’s gives him a unique standing in most of the Islamic world. Despite critical criticism from many countries, his diplomatic and economic policies are changing the paradigm of turkey perception all over the world

Imran khan  prime minister of Pakistan

Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan is number 3rd on our list, a former cricket legend turn politician hold office in 2018 .his efforts to revamp the economy through continues emphasis on the tax system and providing opportunities for the ease off businesses. is worth mentioning under his efforts Pakistan becomes number 1 tourist destination by many international indictors in the year 2019 .in February 26/27 2019 his leadership abilities were tested in the confrontation with India where khan was emerged as an international leader for promoting peace throughout the epic aerial bout. His smart lockdown policy in the corona pandemic makes Pakistan  the 3rd country to defeat corona is number 3rd on our list.

Benjamin Netanyahu prime minister of Israel

Prime minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu is number 4rth on our list his extra vigilant leadership and resilient personality makes Israel is worth mentioning under his leadership Israel is stronger today than it ever is under his effective diplomacy Isreal successfully engage nations in America, Africa, and Asia to naturalize the threat from rival countries. His recent deals with Arab countries seems unimaginable until it happens, because of his out of box leadership and considered by many as the deal of the century.

Jacinda Ardern  pm of New Zealand

Prime Minister of NewZealand Jacinda Ardern is number 5th on our list she rose to the occasion in 2019, terror attacks in New Zealand where she leads from the front and ensure peace and harmony within the country. Her economic policy, and creating employment opportunities for people and work for women’s rights are quite achievements in a short time.  her deliberant leadership in the corona pandemic has proven it again which made new Zealand number 2nd to defeat coronavirus from the country after China.

Vladimir Putin President of Russia

A Former top Russian spy agency agent and the longest-serving Leader of Russia til today Vladimir Putin is number 6th on our list His strong influence in Europe and the middle east as well as re-establishing himself in Middle East Syria, and reaching out to Europe and TURKEY has projected him a successful through years his tactical foreign policy is doing wonders for the international standing of Russia.

Narendra Modi .pm of India

Narendra Modi prime minister of India is number 7 on our list .his aggressive international optics through media and other tools constantly to making Indian narrative ahead is noteworthy, his trade policy and economic diplomacy are going from best to better. Despite strong criticism by the opposition, his domestic political tactics are such a victory .his recent Rafael deal with France is considered as a strategic game-changer in the region by many.

(The data is taken from last 2 to 5 years of performance)



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