Ikpeazu Salutes Abians On The 29th Anniversary Of The Creation Of The State


The Governor of Abia State, Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu has saluted the good people of Abia State on the auspicious occasion of the 29th anniversary of the creation of the State as a full fledged sub national entity and federating unit in Nigeria.

Governor Ikpeazu paid glowing tributes to the founding fathers of the State who worked tirelessly to ensure the actualization of the creation of Abia State and made it clear that even in the face of tough challenges, our people have continued to trudge on towards the path of peace and progress.

Describing Abia as “work in progress”, the Governor stated that the development of critical infrastructure in the State has received massive impetus under his administration, judging from the sheer number of road projects that have either been completed or ongoing, assuring that the tempo will be sustained and even increased to ensure that the infrastructural stock in the State is improved upon significantly.

The Governor thanked God and the people of the State for the security, peace and stability the State has enjoyed in last couple of years, describing Abia as the most politically stable state in the country. He expressed his appreciation to the Deputy Governor, Speaker and members of the State House of Assembly, members of the State Executive Council, Traditional, Religious and other political leaders for their statesmanly roles in ensuring that the political stability enjoyed by our state is sustained.

Governor Ikpeazu assured the people of the State that even with the challenges posed by the sudden outbreak of COVID-19 which created massive economic shocks across the globe, his administration will continue to apply prudence in ensuring that available resources are managed for the good of our people, while seeking creative means to improve our financial capabilities. He also tasked the people of the State to appreciate the fact that the economic disequilibrum created by the effects of Covid-19 especially on the global financial system will inevitably demand certain levels of readjustments and sacrifices in the management of the State’s finances.

He thanked the people of the State for the support his administration has enjoyed and assured them that he will continue to discharge the responsibilities of his office with dedication  and commitment to the ideals of economic development and progress.

In his words, “I shall remain focused on the discharge of the obligations of my office and I do so relentlessly and with dedication until the very last day of my tenure as your Governor”.

“In the months ahead”, the Governor stated, “we shall develop more sustainable means of solidifying our position as the SME Capital of Nigeria by continuing to support the growth of local enterprises as a catalyst for economic development”.

Encouraging Abians not to become faint hearted especially in the face of the effects of COVID-19, he tasked our people to continue to accept the reality of the deadly nature of the virus and take all necessary precautions in line with the protocols as enunciated by all relevant health authorities.

He sent his gratitude to all medical and allied services workers who have been in the forefront of the fight against Covid-19 and assured that his administration will do everything necessary to protect our people. He also reiterated his deep gratitude to the people of Abia State for standing by him in prayers during the time of his health challenge. He also sent his deep condolences to the families of all those who lost their loved ones to the pandemic.

According to the Governor, “the vision for a more prosperous Abia remains intact and our future as a people and as a State remains very bright”.

Governor Ikpeazu, on behalf of his family and government, wishes the entire people of Abia State, a happy 29th anniversary.



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