Go For Biafra, Not Igbo Presidency, Cleric Warns Ndigbo


. says Igbo presidency, a deceit, temporary


The General Overseer of Mount Zion Faith Global Liberation Ministries a.k.a By Fire By Fire, Nnewi, Anambra State, Bishop Abraham Udeh has again warned Ndigbo to go for Biafra which is a permanent structure than going for Igbo presidency which is a deceit and temporary.

He explained that Biafra is permanent in the sense that once it is declared by the United Nations, it can no longer be reversed but if Ndigbo fight so hard and get a president of an Igbo extraction, there is a tendency of losing the presidential seat through a coup de tat, killing or impeaching the president without allowing him complete even the first tenure.

Bishop Udeh who spoke to newsmen at his Cathedral church, Nnewi, weekend, shortly after a 21-day fasting and prayers for for tnhe nation, declared: My prophesy about the Nigerian President from the Igbo tribe is that an Igbo man might succeed to be elected Nigerian President in 2023 “but the Igbo occupant of that seat would either be killed or overthrown by the military”.

Insisting that his prophesy must come to fulfilment, Bishop Udeh disclosed that having seen such a situation in the spiritual realm, he is now warning Igbo  personalities warming up for the 2023 presidential election to have a rethink and rather channel the energy and resources towards the pursuit of Biafra actualization.

He insisted that only Biafra independence or restructuring Nigeria into self-governing six geo-political zones would favour the Igbo and not Igbo presidency, adding that the only solution is to divide Nigeria into three or each of the existing six geo-political zones to be independent of the center.

“It is a sealed deal by the Fulani that an Igbo man will never be allowed to rule Nigeria. Do you know what will happen, according to the way it is revealed to me, an Igbo man after much pressure to rule may be allowed to become President. But shortly after that the issue of insecurity including Boko Haram insurgency and banditry will be intensified by those behind those criminalities in order to discredit the President of Igbo extraction. The military by that reason will strike. I don’t see the Igbo man President surviving that military action, ” he stated.

He said that the Fulani had already set agenda to be in control forever and described the Nigerian President of Igbo extraction as a deceit and scam.

On the recent media report where the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB was quoted as supporting Igbo presidency, he said that if the IPOB had succumbed to Igbo presidency politics, the group was on its own and not representing the opinion of all its supporters.

The Bishop warned the National Assembly members to rise up to their duties and stop “pretending” not to know that Nigerian masses were suffering. He said it was painful to observe that lawmakers were only after their personal aggrandizement while the people were left to suffer in abject poverty.

On the foreign scene, he said he saw promoters of anti-Christ trying to battle Donald Trump’s efforts to run his second tenure. He declared that God would never allow them to defeat Trump.

“I see God’s hand shaking the world of occultism, Islamic fundamentalists and all those against the Christians and I am of the opinion that America would run into trouble, if the country allowed any anti-Christ promoters to take over the reigns of government in that country.

Outside America, he warned any international community that worked against Christians to make a U-turn or face the wrath of God “so said the Lord.”




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