‘Why operation Amotekun won’t succeed’ – Miyetti Allah

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By Yahaya Audu,  Bauchi

 Former Secretary Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria Bauchi state Alhaji Sadiq Ibrahim Ahmed, has expressed doubt  over the successful operation of the Western Nigeria  Security Network (WNSN) codenamed operation  Amotekun.

He said the Nigerian constitution already made provision for a regular security with the establishment of the Police saying a regional security outfit like ‘Amotekun’ has no constitutional backing.

The elder statesman who spoke with our Correspondent in a telephone interview yesterday ,however, called for the restructuring of the  security architecture in the country.

“Amotekun will not last because it is indigenous,   regionalized and lacks constitutional backing, whereas Nigeria is a country governed by the constitution. The constitution had already made provision for  regular security with the establishment of the Nigeria Police Force, a regional security outfit  like Amotekun is just a breach of the constitution”  that is why it will not last . It will only bring problem and conflict”

He  alleged that there is a secret motive behind the establishment of Amotekun which is to cleanse the fulani tribe in the southwest.

 ”There is a motive behind the establishment which is to cleanse our tribe from the south, that’s is the agenda for its establishment.  It is the objective of the government to provide security, any parallel security  outfit is unacceptable. Am very sure Amotekun will not be recognized by law and it will never be legalized”

Addressing the challenge of insecurity, Ahmed said the solution to insecurity is for the government to be serious.

He noted that there is  need for restructuring of the security architecture of the country especially the police force.

” Am calling for the  removal of the service chiefs because they have done nothing. reform the police, the Nigerian Army and all other security forces in the country. If Amotekun is legalized, it will become a black evil. The hizbab security outfit in the north is an umbrella of an Islamic body only meant for Islamic affairs , it should not be compared with Amotekun”  He concluded



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