A former Nigerian Ambassador to the Scandanavian countries and top Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) gubernatorial aspirant, Dr. Godknows Igali has conveyed his congratulations to PDP flagbearer Sen. Douye Diri and APC candidate and business mogul Chief David Lyon following the just concluded PDP and APC gubernatorial primaries.

Igali commended the other aspirants in the race for their efforts and aspiration to serve the people of Bayelsa state.

Amb. Igali gave his remarks at a  praise and worship service organised by hundreds of his supporters and campaign staff in his residence at Opolo, Yenagoa on Thursday, 5th September, 2019.

Furthermore, Igali charged the frontline candidates, Sen. Diri and Chief Lyon to lead an issues based campaign and focus on solutions that can advance the progress of the state and improve the  conditions of the people.

Although Igali described the conduct of the primaries by both parties as successful, he condemned some of the behind-the-scenes intrigues that preceded the actual voting.

Speaking concerning the PDP Delegates Election in particular, Igali decried what he described as “the arrogant display of mind boggling sums of money” by agents of the Bayelsa State Government and several other aspirants to induce voters and pressure them to reject their  preferred electoral choice. He warned that this could impact on the quality of government after the elections.

Amb. Igali restated that in spite of all efforts which various administrations seem to have made for the economic development of Bayelsa state, available data from the National Bureau of Statistics still shows that the state remains one of the most backward in terms of access to potable water, access to sanitation, access to anti-natal care. The state is also grappling with dilapidated infrastructure, high prevalence of open defecation, malnutrition and absence of electric power.

He therefore questioned the orgy of sharing big money to delegates instead of addressing the issues that affect them the most.

Igali congratulated his campaign team under the banner of “Project Bayelsa” for focusing on facts and evidence-based articulation of issues. He restated that his campaign mantra covered the entire spectrum of modern governance  and tried  to proffer solutions aimed at moving the state to an enviable status. Igali encouraged Bayelsans and the candidates to access his detailed thoughts and ideas by visiting his Bayelsa Project website www.projectbayelsa.org.ng for guidance.

Igali specially tasked Sen. Diri and his APC counterpart Chief David Lyon and their campaign teams to focus on how Bayelsa can surpass the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  He urged that “this must be the benchmark for our people to live in the 21st century as many parts of Nigeria are beginning to do.

He further stated ” Increasingly, the reliance on allocations from the central government for sustainable economic and social development, and for ushering our people into modern living will become an anachronism. Both candidates must therefore redirect their energies on strategies and clear roadmaps on how to bring development through non traditional and innovative sources.”

Amb. Igali said the plight of the common person motivates his entrance into the Guber race. He expressed gratitude to the people who stood by him as a result of his records at the state, national and international levels.

He further encouraged Bayelsans thus: “Do not feel humiliated  or saddened because hundreds of delegates who did not vote for us have, surprisingly, been calling to express regret and attempt to absolve themselves. As most of them have stated in their phone calls and text messages, they were forced by circumstances and against their conscience to do the wrong thing. Be assured that as a Christian, I sincerely forgive and pray that the Lord will strengthen them all. To the rest of the people of Bayelsa state let us put the primaries of PDP and APC behind us and move on with the aim of  focusing on a new Bayelsa. My late father, Newton Igali, FCCA, who was one of the founding fathers of old Rivers state and later Bayelsa, was known for espousing the doctrine of ‘moving on’ despite the tumbling circumstances of life.

“We must therefore move on to new grounds and recover our state and the Ijaw nation for the collective good of our children and even those unborn.” He concluded.

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