Anxiety in Aso Rock: Buhari To Flush Cabinet

President Muhammadu Buhari

There is uncertainty at the Presidential villa in Aso Rock within the president’s cabinet as the President of the federal republic of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari returned from his 10day ‘private’ London visit. The fear of how the President will formulate the new cabinet has taken over the mood within the presidential offices. This is as information available to indicates the President has decided to slush the current members of the cabinet in exchange for new faces and new ideas.

According to available information, the President, unlike the previous 2015 election victory, has opted to assemble his cabinet members himself without any external assistance from friends or politicians. In 2015, the President had relied on his political colleagues – such as Tinubu and the-likes – to formulate his cabinet. President Buhari was not familiar with the politicians back in 2015. But in 2019, the President believes he has become familiarized enough to generate his own cabinet list.

To this end, the President effectively shut out everyone as to the names on the new cabinet list. And has raised the anxiety levels to high levels. Our source within the Presidential Villa reveals the President has decided to fill up his cabinet with people he is familiar with – such persons as Nasiru El Rufai, Nuhu Ribadu and former members of his now defunct political party, CPC. “He will reward those that helped him over years”.

Many of the current ministers will not return” said our source who pointed to the fact that the President had little personal relationship with a majority of the current Ministers. “The President will field those he know”. The source also revealed that the lobbying by current minister have reached a crescendo where thousands of dollars are being distributed to family members of the President and to in laws.

An in-law to the President, Alhaji Ndimi from Borno State whose son is married to one of Buhari’s daughter is said to be the current vortex for the lobbying ministers and other cabinet members. According to our source, Ndimi has the president’s ear. Or it is believed, he has the president’s ear. The cabinet members and aspiring cabinet members have turned the resident of Alhaji Ndimi to a Mecca – where all prayers are answered.

President Buhari has maintained that he the list of new cabinet member will remain close to his chest. He will not reveal it to anyone until his announcement.



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