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Liking Biblical Prodigal Son To Governor Yahaya Bello – By Shaibu Stephen Ojate



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One thing about our Holy book, the Christian Bible is that it gave a vivid account of human existence. The holy Bible asides being a spiritual book can as well be described as the formost historical book which other history books draw their excerpt from.

Be it science, art, agriculture, lifestyle, culture, love affairs, crime and socio-political life, it has inference to the holy Bible.

The Bible gave brief account of some people and events and educate us further how foremost people on earth managed life challenges with their shared wisdoms. Their stance on societal issues have become basic principles to which we handled similar social, economic and political issues today.

On this note, one notable story tale and historical account in the Bible which strikes my attention necessitating my writing this article is the history account of one rich Man and his Son who was later described as Biblical Prodigal Son.

The story tale has it that this wealthy man had two Sons. One day, the elder one called his Dad and demanded his share of the wealth while still alive. The man without questioning obliged as he shared it and gave his to him.

The Bible stated that the young man went to other City and lavish his wealth on frivolities. This extravagant lifestyle of his made the money to finished. The young man got bankrupt to the extent that he couldn’t take care of his personal feeding and opted for a job where they rear swine.

Sad as it was, it was part of the feeding for the swine that he always made do as his own feeding. For days, weeks and months, he was in this precarious situation. One day, he thought wisely that it is rather better to return to his father than to continue this miserable life.

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On his returned to his father’s house, instead of the father to get upsetted over his Son’s attitude for lavishing his shared wealth, he didn’t. Rather he ordered his servant to slaughter one of the fattest cattles in his ranch for the celebration of his Son’s return. Despite this shameful act, the Father rehabitate him and gave him a second chance.

The Biblical tales I have illustrated above can therefore be likened to the political situation in Kogi State. For understanding, the general populace and entire Kogi people can be termed as the wealthy father in Bible while Governor Bello represents the the biblical wealthy man’s Son. The wealthy man’s sojourn to the city represents the mantle of leadership Governor Bello is occupying. The failure of the young man to judiciously utilise his shared of his wealth can as well connote the disenchantment of the people over the abysmal leadership of Governor Bello in Kogi State.

As we round up the general election, no doubt the next state election in the offing is that of Kogi State. Kogi State gubernatorial election comes up around November, ,2019.

The November election will give the people of Kogi State the ample opportunity to decide again whether to continue with Governor Bello’s government or to terminate it outright with a view to bring in new fresher to run the State.

Now that the Independent National Electoral Commission is yet to roll out her drum for eventful campaign for selling of potential candidate, the talking point on the lips of public commentators in and outside the State is that Governor Bello must go as he has performed abysmally.

Those who held this view maintained that since the inception of Yahaya Bello”s led government in the State, Civil servants were not treated fairly as they were owned months of unpaid salaries despite monthly federal allocation funds to the state and the series of Paris club and bail out fund.

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The people equally maintained that since the inception of Yahaya’s administration, no tangible projects have been completed to show the seriousness of his administration just like the case of the prodigal Son in the Bible who could not convert the resources at his disposal to meaningful venture.

It is quite right for the populace to openly express their feeling but on a very good note it become very important for us to draw wisdom from the wealthy man in the Bible. As I have explained, the wealthy man gave his Son the second chance as he truly believed that he can make amend and something good can still come out from him so also we should do to Governor Bello by giving him the second chance.

I am saying this because Nigerians had in the time past out their curiosity to see urgent change voted out the leader in power and bring in new one only for them to lament later that the latter was better off.

Therfore, we need to think twice before taking a decision. There is proverbial saying that the devil you know today is better than the Angel we don’t know. On this note, how are we sure that the next person we are presently rooting for will be better off to Governor Bello in terms of governance? This is a food of thought for everyone of us.

Shaibu Stephen Ojate is a journalist and public affairs commentator writes from Abuja. He is on whatsapp and reachable on phone number 09075716236

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