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A Reply To Governor’s Press Secretary’s Attacks On The Deputy Governor – By Uche Onwuchekwa



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A Reply To Governor’s Press Secretary’s Attacks On The Deputy Governor – By Uche Onwuchekwa

A Reply To Governor’s Press Secretary’s Attacks On The Deputy Governor – By Uche Onwuchekwa

This Affliction Called Onwuemeodo Shall Also Pass Away!

Like I mentioned in my yesterday’s piece in response to the accumulated media attacks on the person of the Deputy Governor of Imo State, Prince Eze Madumere by Mr. Sam Onwuemeodo, where I reminded him how he has crossed the red line, yesterday, I realized, and expectedly too, that he sought that I descend to join him in a bath of filth.

To be fair to myself, I did not mean any harm. I only tried to remind Onwuemeodo who he really is, especially as it concerned his lack of decorum and respect to laid down code of conduct and organizational principles.

If Onwuemeodo knows anything at all in Public Relations, he did not need anyone to remind him he should have thanked me profusely because I helped him in image assessment.

I was not surprised to read him feigning ignorance of his misdeeds and missteps. He made no effort, not all, in addressing issues I raised. This is the reason I feel that Onwuemeodo must be a necessary affliction to the present administration. His mission and set goals, I know not other than the traces of colossal damage he has done already to the Owelle Rochas Okorocha led administration.

In his filth, he raised an issue I had taken for a mere mischief from known quarters, laboring to denigrate and smear the Deputy Governor, by circulating trash on the social media, making spurious allegation that Deputy Governor is an ex-convict.

With Onwuemeodo’s high standards and knowledge, he appeared very ignorant of the fact that there is what is known as Burden of Proof in law. In Latin, it is called onus proband. This law of evidence stipulates that it is the obligation of a party in a trial to prove his claims. How can I respond to trash that has no address and phone number. Onwuemeodo’s education background should also be scrutinized because no sane person with proper education can be as primitive that he cannot have a common sense to differentiate an original document from a fake when it is obvious. Being a Chief Press Secretary does not confer on you the knowledge to know everything. You must consult at sometimes especially when an issue boarders on law. I can’t never be in a hurry to respond to everything. Even a satanic verse was managed without writing a job. Onwuemeodo, can’t you get that?

Interestingly, Onwuemeodo’s interest in the allegation with no substance, to say the least is smack of irresponsibility. In simple syllogism, we can infer that Onwuemeodo is the brain behind the blackmail materials circulating round the internet. My reply to Onwuemeodo is that he should approach the appropriate quarters to register his petition if truly he and his cohorts are serious about their claims. It is then that we shall unfold what we have for people of his kind who do not grow above juvenile delinquencies.

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Pray! Why would a domesticated mad dog like Onwuemeodo ask me if I have ever worked in any media house?  Haba! Onwuemeodo, if I were you, I would not have been in a hurry to begin to throw tantrums without, first, investigating my subject matter. Governor’s media aide has shown that he is nothing but one of those quacks destroying the noble profession of journalism.  In the political space, in the far away Lagos State, I managed those that matter in the media but we do not make noise about it and I did that successfully.

I was trained by the best hands and still undergoing training every day. If these names mean anything to you; “Femi Adesina, Steve Nwosu, Onuoha Ukeh and many others, then you need not go further to ask if I have worked in any media house. Please ask your colleagues here, they knew how I came to the State. They can attest to my performance.

It is shameful if not disdainful that Onwuemeodo will raise his empty head to begin to make comparison when he has innocently murdered the image of his principal. Onwuemeodo, how many libelous trashes have churned out and how many times have you been landed into trouble for libel? Without any modicum of regret, Onwuemeodo is a disgrace to the profession of journalism. With all the dangerous investigative stories I have down here in the State, kindly find out if I have ever been found wanting to the extent of been taken to court for libel.

Onwuemeodo, I have gone round the departments in the best media establishment starting from business development to project and then to editorial. You are my inferior intellectually and otherwise. Can’t you see that there is no yardstick for comparison? I have won awards and which one can you lay claim to: I mean anyone at all even if it is from ‘ekeonunwu’. I do not want you to resign as CPS. Any day, anytime, I still have my confirmation letter as a prestigious newspaper, The Sun. And before I joined the service, I was the CEO of Humchestract Concept Limited where we consulted for personalities and establishments on Media Management and Public Relations.

Onwuemeodo, let me shock you. Governor Okorocha you are mismanaging today was first managed and protected by Uche Onwuchekwa. When the chips were down, I never knew him, but for the sake of preserving him, though I may have been wrong, I defended him. Onwuemeodo, in your small forgetful brain, did you not remember that I gave your tissue paper newspaper some substance? Can you not call to mind that some of my opinions were published 3 to 4 times in your newspaper because I gave you content, which you lacked in-toto.

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Onwuemeodo, nonetheless, is a master in image destroyer. His short success as Governor Okorocha’s Media aide was possible because we did the needful behind the scene. Since we left Onwuemeodo, of course, he has done so well that the image of his principal has become receptively repulsive to every rational mind. What our Governor has become to Nigerians is an example of great things Onwuemeodo can do when given an opportunity.

Like I subtly advised in my last response, there is need for Onwuemeodo to approach a psychiatrist for proper check-up. He needs to know whether he is neurotic. A situation where somebody is always angry with himself and everybody around him signals danger.

I must exercise restraints in issue of relationship between Owelle Okorocha and Prince Madumere because I have had the opportunity of being to the United States courtesy of Prince Madumere on number of occasions where in my journalistic instinct, I made little investigations to know who the man I manage his image is. If I opened up on this, Onwuemeodo, surely, would regret ever threading on this path. Whether Okorocha is benefactor or beneficiary to Madumere, we can leave that on the table of rusty mind like Onwuemeodo to continue in his conjecturing.

Again, Onwuemeodo, you addressed your benefactor as impeached. It will really be fool hardy for anyone to believe that Onwuemeodo is amenable. How can a Press Secretary be so reckless not minding the fact that issue of impeachment was put on hold the day a court order was made from a competent court of competent jurisdiction? The Attorney-General of the State cannot even address Prince Madumere the way you did.

This is why I am tempted to call this unteachable media aide who does not seem to know anything at all a robot that only acts according to the dictates of the programing language installed in it.

Onwuemeodo, I am happy that for the first time, you were honest by half by not denying the fact that the Deputy Governor is your benefactor.

Let me say it without any equivocation, Onwuemeodo is an affliction to the practice of journalism and to the establishment. Our consolation is that the Holy Scripture says that many are the afflictions of the righteous but the Lord delivers them from them all. This affliction called Onwuemeodo, too, shall pass away.

I need not go into areas that bother on Onwuemeodo’s background and idiosyncrasies so as not to totally put him in a confinement of mourning, self-rejection and in perpetual frustration. Surely, I will never waste my time again discussing Okorocha’s media aide.


Uche Onwuchekwa

Special Assistant to the Deputy Governor on Media

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