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The Enigma Called Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu – By Ukpong Ekam



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The Enigma Called Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu – By Ukpong Ekam

The Enigma Called Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu – By Ukpong Ekam

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Asiwaju Bola Tinubu is a man trending as Jagaban. The former governor of Lagos State is one of the few gifted political strategists that ever lived in Nigerian soil. He has fought many political wars in Nigeria and won not a few. His stupendous wealth is easily traceable to the business of politics. No wonder many see him as a Mercantile Politician of Nigeria.
Sincerely, it would be a disservice to his personality and his brain power if his activity is limited to just political commercialism. No doubt, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu is the only living soul in Nigeria with the largest and prestigious political personnel placement firm. As a governor, he grew young people who are now occupying sensitive positions in south western state governments, and federal executive and legislative positions in Nigeria. From his political farm emerged such individuals as Mr. Babatunde Raji Fashola (SAN), Federal Minister of Power, Works and Housing, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, the Vice President of Nigeria and Gov. Rauf Aregbesola of Osun, to mention just three.
However, in all his high stake political gamesmanship, he has never suffered setback or lost out (financially?) so severely until he met an unassuming, but strong headed and crafty Fulani political figure with a cult like following named Gen. Mohammadu Buhari.
Jagaban saw a simple looking man in appearance, a man that walks more like he won’t live to see another day; he targeted him over other staggering academic credentialed candidates as his political pet project, hoping he would be able to manipulate him. Little did he know that appearance is deceitful, that Mohammadu is not the mallam he sees at gatehouses in Lagos. Allah had failed to educate Tinubu that this very Mallam is supper cun master with a sting so dangerous than a dessert scorpion.
Nevertheless, he invested his energy with all amount of assurance that he will be the one to make major decisions on appointment or at least be consulted on major decisions and appointments. Rather, he was to be awakened to a rude shock and disappointment when the names of his suggested appointees were not even considered. Worst still, access to Aso Rock was alleged to have been shut against him. For the first time in his political career was Asiwaju Tinubu so confounded with trickier and bolder politician than him. Now in the driver seat, the cabal in Aso Rock, seemed to only appreciate his gifted political craftsmanship but defiantly denied him the opportunity to sit as equal partner at the table of decision making of a government he helped to midwife from nothing. Actually, the tell-tell signs of what would befall him was there from the very start after he stage managed Buhari’s nomination as presidential candidate such as when he suddenly met serious and stiffer opposition against his ambitious pursue to be the vice presidential candidate. He ignored it without realizing that serious challenges awaited him.
For some unknown reasons, Buhari and his wayward inner caucus made up of his cousins and other relatives unconsciously forgot that there was a second term election in the very near horizon when Tinubu’s indispensable service would be much needed. But now, caps in hands, they are knocking hard at his steel doors, begging him to perform yet again his political magic to safe Buhari from being a one timer like former President Jonathan. Annang people have a saying that if a person forgets where he was soaked by the rain, a heavy rain will soak him to dead the next time.
2019 presidential election is here and Buhari’s strongest opponent is President Buhari as he watches the nation becomes a killing field. His actions or lack of actions against “killer herdsmen” are among his stiff opponents in the race. The more he talks about fighting corruption as his major campaign issue, the more his voice is drown out by the noises of rivers of blood of innocent children and defenseless women in the country. Security, that supposed to be his strongest campaign issue sounds so hallow as Boko Haram frequently overruns military barracks and countless pictures of coffins of our gallant soldiers slaughtered by blood thirsty Islam fanatics are shown daily on morning TV shows and evening news.
I believe the only sure way to keep his residency in Aso Rock beyond 2019 is Restructuring of the Country, giving autonomy to the six geopolitical regions. Beyond that, he may even win the battle and still loose the war. Buhari’s last master stroke of recognizing late Chief MKO Abiola’s election victory and award of Grand Commander has faded and has no electoral value presently. Well, he can even risk or gamble to push for the creation of more states to sneak himself into Aso Rock and then deal with devastating consequences afterward. Gowon did it and won the civil war. Haba! Am just trying to help my President na!
Needless to say that Buhari is in dire need of Asiwaju Tinubu. Now, expectedly the the doors of Aso Rock are wide opened for him; access to the President is no more restricted by the clueless gatekeepers who hitherto did not want Tinubu to have any say in the administration he helped brought about from infancy. They are all now playing Abokis, dumb and stupid with the sole aim of getting Tinubu to secure a second term for them. Yet, inwardly they may be nursing wicked plans to do worst to him afterwards. In essence,Tinubu is asked to prepare a delicious food a second time but may be barred from sitting at the table to share and benefits of his sweat.
Well, a trickster does not trick a supper trickster twice. Cunny man dey die for cunny man backyard.
Basically, it is not unreasonable to note with high accuracy that Alhaji Bola Tinubu is only playing along. He may justifiable not be really interested in seeing Buhari gets reelected. Being an astute diplomat, he could just be acting until he recoups the money he spent on GMB 2014 election. As a realist and a political strategist par excellent, he’s reading the high negatives of the APC candidate that are nearly insurmountable.
A real blue blooded Yoruba man can’t be rubbish twice by the same person. None would allow himself to be humiliated like Tinubu was and would still go back to support same person who is sure to humiliate him again when the dusts are settled. If they did it in the first term, what guarantees that they won’t do worst in a second term when they will not need his assistance? Most people just see Asiwaju as only playing along for opportunity to get back what he invested three years ago.
In a piece I titled “THE REVENGE OF THE WEST OR JUST A COINCIDENCE, I said wrote:
“Perhaps unknown to the political class of the north who broker the deal to replace Chief MKO Abiola with OBJ was the fact that a well breed Yoruba man is the best diplomat the world could possible produce. When they act as if they want to kill someone, they are actually calling for negotiation that would have long, medium and short terms benefits for their race. Head or tail, they always win. The northern political class did not take notice that they are the only group of people in the Nigeria that dance backward.”
Tinubu is just being a true Yoruba man, humble and ready to prostrate if need be to get what he believes is his own. His memory is as long and steady as a female elephant. I don’t believe he forgets how badly he was treated by the same cabal in Aso Rock not long ago. At one point, we are even told that President Buhari publicly corrected a speaker who referenced Asiwaju Tinubu as a leader of APC, that he (the President) is the leader. And he was very correct . Tinubu knows that if he was so disrespected, humiliated, denied access to the President and his ministerial nominees were disdainfully rejected in the first term, worst will be visited upon him after they win a second term. After all, they will no longer need his help. He may even be a target of EFCC investigation.
A well trained Yoruba man is the master of stoop to conquer. He may be just pretending to support Baba’s second term ambition. When the chips are down and the price is good, he will drop him like a hot potato; thereby teaching the bunch in Aso Rock Politics 101 to fulfil Aisha Buhari’s prophecy.
Alhaji Tinubu is one the finest political smooth operator there is on earth. He will likely prove to those who humiliated him why he is JAGABAN and more. Then he will walk off the stage in style, in a Jagaban swag, like a DON that he is, loosing nothing and of course, searching for another mountain to conquer. Just watch.
This is the way it is now
Ukpong Ekam

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