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What If ATIKU Fails… – By Ikuku Amanoya 



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What If ATIKU Fails… – By Ikuku Amanoya

What If ATIKU Fails… – By Ikuku Amanoya

In 2019, the choice that Nigeria as a nation is faced with is a choice that would either put a nail on its coffins or that which would raise the dying giant back to life. It is to say a ‘do or die’ affair.

It’s a do or die affair not in the sense that politicians would have to do everything possible to get to power. Rather it is a do or die affair in the sense that the choice we would make this time would either do (make) us or die(send) us to where we are already headed to …… oblivion.

This is about who would lead the once great Nigeria out of the impending doom or who is already bent on leading the country to a nowhere but anarchy, tyranny, militancy , gory deaths, hunger, joblessness, hopelessness, crimes, corruption; name it!

I have had times to discuss with fellows on what they think about the future of Nigeria after 2019.  Some are of the view that there is no hope for the  ‘cursed’ nation, that we would never get it right.

Others hold that the current leadership has succeeded in confirming that there is no hope by even thinking of recontesting in the coming election. Hence ensuring that indeed Nigeria is cursed!

I was not only worried about how far our people have lost hope in the leadership but also how terrible the situation has deteriorated in weakening the tenacity of a once resilient  people.

I was forced to further discuss who would bring a solution. Who would restore the hope of a once giant of a powerful continent.

Many who robbed minds with me hold the view  that the situation is further complicated with ethnic hatred, selfishness, partisan blindness, lack of the value of the common good, clannishness; name it. These factors would make it almost impossible to arrive at a good choice.

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I am not a proponent of zoning.  I would scrap it some day when I do have my way. However, so far it is still a strong issue in Nigeria. The South East is due to produce the president. The North would want to complete her eight years.  And one would ask: which is more plausible?

I think facing reality would suggest that there’s more plausibility that the North should continue in 2019. However sentiments would tempt one, this is reality times.

So, what can the North offer? Who have they got to step in in this very dire times of ‘do or die’?

The task is tough, really. And past history has not made it any easier.

Nonetheless,  there are so many people in the North who are interested in the job of  number one citizen of Nigeria.

But reality again would force keen followers to narrow down to two major gladiators.

The incumbent president who has been adjudged by almost all and sundry to have failed the nation one more time having failed woefully  three decades ago is still interested in recontesting in 2019.

ATIKU Abubakar who was the former Vice President under Olusegun Obasanjo is obviously interested in taking over from the incumbent.

There are equally ably qualified contenders as far as one can see at the moment.

The journey has started along with accusations and counter accusations that go with our type of politics. Hope it would not escalate into witch-hunts and intimidations  that have always been a custom . Now back to the candidates.

Many think that with these two as major options, we do not still have great choices. But again, many have expressed that the difference between ATIKU and the incumbent is like Heaven and Hell.

Many like me would definitely think that BUHARI deserves no third chance.  He had his first chance three decades ago and the nation was plunged into an economic desert that it had never experienced since amalgamation. The same man came back severally begging for a second chance. He was severally rejected because the scars of his terrible leadership had not left the masses  even after three decades. Then in 2014 , he came back to beg for this same chance. In one of his interviews with the CNN, Buhari told the world that it would be unfair for Nigerians to keep judging him with his leadership of over three decades ago.

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In 2015, he eventually got, or rather took, his second chance. And what a chance it’s turned out!  Woes upon woes! The leadership is adjudged by many who witnessed his previous regime as comparatively worse.

Now the same Muhammad Buhari is asking for a third chance!!!

Now, many colleagues of mine ask me: what if ATIKU Fails? Well, my position is clear. ATIKU is better educated, exposed and experienced.

Everyone ought to be considered partly based on their interests and leanings.

Buhari loves cows. That may explain why cows matter in this administration more than humans. In the high ways, in the schools, in the churches, in the private farms. The Fulani herdsmen  have been audaciously having a field day in this administration whenever Buhari is in the country.

Do you remember the last time anyone talked about these murderers when the president was abroad?

On the other hand ATIKU loves businesses, quality education, building industries.  Just like Fulani herdsmen boomed in Buhari”s administration, it would largely follow that those in these sectors would audaciously boom.

To those who continuously ask what if ATIKU Fails, these are my personal considerations and convictions.  I do not think ATIKU would fail. Indices do not postulate such retrogression.

As far as I am concerned the Turaki of Adamawa presents one last chance to ‘do’ rather than ‘die’.

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