The Continued Renaming Of Tiv Towns And Villages : Gov Ishaku Is Setting Stage For Conflict In Taraba State – By John Akevi

Gov. Darius Ishaku

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By Citizen John Akevi

The indigenous Tiv people of Taraba state are the dominant ethnic group in southern Taraba occupying 7 Local Government Areas out of the 16 Local Governments in the state The Tiv people are largely behind the back born of the Taraba State economy were they contributed proportionately in feeding the state and the nation. They are predominantly farmers with more than 70 percent of the working population involved in active farming.

It is indeed worrisome, that at the inception of Arc Darius Ishaku administration, the Tiv people welcome it with profound enthusiasm; hope and great expectation.

They however, erroneously believe that Governor Ishaku will open a new chapter and usher in a new state where tribal, ethnic, religious and primitive persuasion’s will no longer count. They erroneously believe that the anti-Tivism which was orchestrated by colonial masters and perfected by the Jukun elites to weaken and consequently exterminate Tiv race in the defunct Wukari Federation now Taraba state will come to an end.

They erroneously believe that the desire by the colonial masters and the Jukun elites, to re-establish the long dead Jukun Empire of Kwararafa will not resurfaced again. They erroneously believe that since Gov Darius Ishaku is there in-law, they are safe. They erroneously believe that the political conspiracy against the determine people will be stop. They erroneously believe that the conspirators who had already taken over hundreds of Tiv towns and villages where they occupied, renamed and appointed kindred heads of Jukun  and other tribes will be reverse.

Unfortunately, the Tiv people erroneously failed to realize that they are romancing with evil. They erroneously failed to realize that the greedy and evil man is on the throne. They erroneously failed to realize that we have a blind Bartimaeus in the driver’s seat of the affairs of the state.

They erroneously forgot that they cannot wine and dine with cancerous lepers and hungry tigers

without ending up being served as the final dish in a long, blood-curdling and Byzantian satanic feast.

Recent development in the state today transcends partisan politics and should be a concern to all Tiv sons /daughters. It is also giving the peace-loving people of Taraba state cause for concern. The fear in some quarters is that the relative peace enjoy in the state may be in jeopardy unless this issue of renaming and occupying Tiv towns and villages is addressed properly and immediately.

A cursory look at the governor’s action shows clearly that he is sowing seed of discord and setting a stage for unrest in the state.

The purported change of the name “Dan Anacha” Tiv settlement to “Kwararafa” by Governor Darius Ishaka as announced by the Chairman of Gassol Local Government Area Yahuza Yaa’u during a security meeting held at Mutum- Biyu on 22nd/ July / 2016 “ is a clear indication of his evil intention.

It is a well acknowledge fact that, prior to the renaming of “Dan- Anacha” the most populous and biggest market in Taraba State,  there are several other Tiv villages and towns renamed, occupied and headed by Jukuns and other tribes . They includes ; Peva (Tiv) village renamed as Chanchanji (Hausa),Tse-Amadu (Tiv) village renamed as Kufai Ahmadu (Hausa),Tortsee (Tiv) village renamed as Kunkunu (Jukun) all in Takum local government area. Genyi (Tiv) village renamed as Rafin Kada (Hausa),Tor-Damsa (Tiv) village renamed as Akete (Chamba), Ishagogo (Tiv) village renamed as Sabongida Suntai (Hausa), Igo (Tiv) village renamed as Burukunu (Hausa),Ananum (Tiv) village renamed as Wutobi (Chamba) all in Donga local government area. Waka (Tiv) town renamed as Wukari (Jukun),Tor-Ayu (Tiv) village renamed as Tsokundi (Jukun),Tinen Nune (Tiv) village renamed as Gindin Dorawa (Hausa), Tor-musa (Tiv)  village renamed as Jibwaje (Jukun) Tsekaakir (Tiv)  village renamed as Chudan (Jukun) Toho Abanyo (Tiv) village renamed as Adikyan (Jukun)  Ikperen (Tiv) village renamed as Kemberi (Jukun) Anyam Kwevel (Tiv) village renamed as Bichi (Jukun) all in Wukari local government area. Now Dan Anacha the biggest Tiv settlement in Gassol local government with over 150 ,000 Tiv settlers has know renamed as Kwararafa (Jukun).

The irony of this scenario is that these serial INJUSTICES and unfair treatment meted out to the Tiv people under the watch of Governor Darius Ishaku administration is been celebrated by the Jukuns and other tribes.

In conclusion, arising from the above stated injustices.

We are forewarning that if these fundamental issues raised are not immediately and adequately addressed, we believe that the governor is setting a stage for CONFLICT in Taraba state.


Citizen John Akevi write from Tambari Estate, Bauchi State.

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