Nigeria Targeted with Tomato virus Tuta absoluta: Pressured to adopt Monsanto Hybrid Tomatoes…Report

Ogbonna Casmir
An international organization Intelicor, monitoring and campaigning against genetically modified organisms (GMOs), has uncovered plans by Monsanto to take over all major stable crops of the 180 million Nigerians.

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In a report the organization emailed to our correspondent electronically and signed by its deputy director public affairs Milliken A. ADP revealed that this will pose an existential threat to Africa’s most populous country. An era with food security hijacked by the Western biotechnology firm Monsanto could breed a new form of independence struggle against biological colonialism as France may not stand aside looking.
Intelicor said the release of Tuta absoluta, a plant pathogen that cause rotten tomatoes is the latest attempt. “This pathogen was released by agents of Monsanto in the Northern farms in Nigeria. This would clear the way for the Federal Government of Nigeria to adopt the hybrid GMOs tomatoes grown by the Monsanto partner called Dangote, owned by the Nigerian billionaire Aliko Dangote.
Stressing that the plan backed by USAID has been under works for some years as Monsanto strategized to take over all the stable crops in Nigeria by making them genetically modified organisms (GMOs), so that they cannot replicate, they said implication is that the farmers will depend on Monsanto seeds forever. That is, if Nigeria survives longer than just a few years at the mercy of Monsanto.
“They have hijacked all the food security of Nigeria covering crops like rice, maize, beans, yam, tomatoes, cassava, millet sorghum, banana and the list goes on. Several tactics have been implemented including killing and displacing farmers from the Northeast states of Nigeria, in the mostly Muslim region, using hired terrorists called Boko Haram. The name meaning ‘Western education is bad’ does not show in the actions of the terrorists.
“In Nigeria, the Western interests have never been attacked by the terrorist group Boko Haram. French interests in the country have been spared from the violence. Rather, the Boko Haram targets mainly Muslims who account for more than 70% of the staple crops that grow in Nigeria.
“The new front is the tomatoes and cassava. The cassava plant is a staple crop in all of Western Africa, and was targeted with Cassava mosaic virus by Monsanto in the Southeast and Southwest Nigeria. The same hired terrorists disguise as Fulani herdsmen to wipe up ethnic sentiments and divert attention from Monsanto and their co-conspirators.
“The idea is to replace cassava with the genetically modified yellow cassava seeds that Monsanto falsely claims is pro-vitamin. Scientists we contacted at a renowned laboratory here in Paris dismissed these claims after testing samples and reviewing work done on the GMO cassava, saying that, the so-called pro-vitamin cassava added no nutritional value as a processed food”, the report reads.
Intelicor disclosed that Nigerians were instead told that the starch is of even very low quality, with toxic levels of pesticides. “It may only be good as biofuels as used in Brazil. Experts at the Earth Observatory using commercial satellite remote sensing images have tracked that, there is an alarming rate of land cover used for GMOs cassava across West Africa by Western companies and their proxies. This is an ominous development raising real concern to the national security of the ECOWAS countries.
“The crops are grown with massive use of pesticide and chemicals that may forever change the once pristine water aquifer of Nigeria. Fish found in surrounding ponds as unfit for human consumption due to toxicity of chemicals from the round-up pesticides used in these farms. Water analysis of the samples collected by a visiting French agronomist, analyzed here in Paris show toxic levels of major pesticide chemicals including dichlorovos.
“Last year, the cancer causing chemical dichlorovos was found by European Union Toxicologists to be as high as 460 times the threshold levels in GMOs foods from Nigeria. The EU declared foods from Nigeria unfit for human consumption due to toxic levels of these chemicals”.
It revealed that Nigeria’s former agricultural Minister Dr Akinwumi Adesina allowed unhindered access to the countries food chain to Western biotechnology companies like Monsanto, who took great advantage. Corruption in government of directors at the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture and Root Crop institutes has helped to propagate the GMOs crops.
The group expressed concern that the future of Africa is for the first time very bleak, should this menace by biotechnology companies go further unchecked. French authorities are keeping a close eye on foods from Nigeria but are doing nothing to caution the francophone Western African states about the hazards.
One observer warned that, this may well be a well conceived conspiracy by Western countries for a full domination of Black Africa. Others disagree and point to the unwholesome business practices of the Americans, particularly the major billionaire investors in Monsanto driving the process in collaboration with Nigerian businessmen and politicians. Some say that, Monsanto wants to unleash the hazard in Africa and sell itself to Bayer, Germany and operate as a hidden viper, escaping investigations.
The group expressed concern that President Muhammadu Buhari may want to fight this problem, but it may prove to be more difficult in practice since Monsanto appears entrenched with friends in key ministries like agriculture, health, environment, power and energy in his government. All hope is not lost; there may be some government officials in Paris who do not like what is going on.
One official unanimously said that ‘if we do not help them now, the external help may come from China and Russia’. Russian virologists have long suspected that these Monsanto viruses would jump species and affect crops that grown in Russia. Should this happen, the World may go into the First Biotechnology World War. It maybe the best time to raise global concerns, since the government of Nigeria appears ill-prepared to deal with the challenges now.


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