Presidency Halts Salaries To Federal Judges – DSS Begins Harassment, Bugging Of Judges Phone lines

Muhammadu Buhari arrives for his swearing-in as Nigeria's president at Eagle Square in Abuja, Nigeria May 29, 2015. REUTERS/Afolabi Sotunde

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Information available to indicates that all is not well with the Presidency and the Justices of the federal courts. This is as available information reveals that the presidency, working in tandem with the State Security Services [SSS/DSS] have initiated a campaign against federal Judges through the manipulation of the salaries and covert harassment through bugging of the telephone lines. For this reason, the presidency has refused to release monies to the judiciary to pay October and November 2015 salaries.


A competent source knowledgeable of the ongoings within the presidency revealed that the Presidency through the instruction of the President had adopted a new approach towards the federal court Judges – in an attempt to coarse them into ‘dancing’ to a particular tune that would enable the various anti-corruption agencies to arrest aides to the former administration and then arraign in court – without the Judge allowing for bail conditions to be given. The presidency wants Judges to not give bail to virtually all politically based arrests made by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission [EFCC] and other-like organizations included the DSS. The concept is to give the Executive arm of the government a totalitarian grasp over the nation – to have the capability to arrest at their discretion and detain at their discretion – without interference from the Judiciary.

Our source notes that the Federal Judges were not immediately willing to entertain the concept envisaged by the presidency for the new role to be played by the Judiciary. Silently, some of the Judge expressed concerns to the Presidency indicating it would translate to clear adulteration of the Judiciary and the tenets of democracy should the Judiciary allow the Execute arm of the government operate as in period of military dictatorship. The presidency was quick to respond. They withheld the salaries and other associated monies to the judiciary in an effort to twist and/or manipulate the Judges into accepting the new role. The use of the Single Treasury Account [TSA] enabled the presidency act.  All monies that would have gone directly to the Judiciary – now seats at the TSA depot. From the depot, the presidency has ultimate control – and has opted not to remit the said monies.

Adding gravitas to the already odorized situation is the use of DSS officers to harass and instill fear into each of the federal Judges. One of the affected Judges who related his ordeal to indicated that the DSS officially contacted his office explaining that his home was due for a security upgrade – and that the DSS is to do the upgrade. However upon initiating the upgrade project, the DSS instead of upgrade the security systems of the house, they began going through the Judges mobile phones and personal laptops and Ipad and other communication devices – in search for archived information and communication history. Shortly after the search, the DSS men approached the Judge to inform him that they have evidence on him that shows he has had ‘unclean’ dealings with the opposition party – and that he can be brought down if he does not accept the new order. The Judge noted that he was not the only Judge that the security officers had paid a visit.

The manner of the truncated trial of the Senate President, Senator Bukola Saraki and the ongoing travails of the former National Security Adviser [NSA], Sambo Dasuki stems out of the presidency’s insatiable appetite to instill a dictatorial administration – without interference from the courts.

They want to revert to the dark Abacha years when they can pick anyone and lockup at will for as long as they want without recourse to any law”, complained the Judge who went on to confirm that many of the Judges are frightened. “They are petrified and unsure of who to talk to. The DSS are vicious now. They have bugged all our mobile phones and other communication gadgets. I have never seen them this way in my entire years of practice”.

According to reliable information, the harassment has gone beyond mere Justices of the federal courts. The presidency, through the DSS, has honed its focus on the likely Justice of the Supreme Courts who will replace the current Chief Justice when he retires in November 2016. The present Chief Justice, Mahmud Mohammed hails from Jalingo in Taraba State – and the next Judge in line of seniority to take over after November 2016 is Walter Samuel Nkanu Onnoghen who hails from Cross River State. Walter Samuel Nkanu Onnoghen has been a Justice of the Supreme Court since 2005. But the Presidency, according information available to has launched a comprehensive covert campaign against Walter Samuel Nkanu Onnoghen for him to back away from ascending to the position. According to our source, the men of the DSS acting upon the instructions of the presidency, have ‘covertly’ invaded his home and have ransacked through all communication devices belonging to the Justice and his immediate family – in attempt to retrieve evidence that will bar him from becoming the Chief Justice of Nigeria.

The Presidency is reported to have sworn not to appoint Walter Samuel Nkanu Onnoghen the next Chief Justice come 2016. It prefers instead to appoint a northern Muslim who is likely to accept the new role of the judiciary.



  1. I think Nigerians prefer this type of regime, instead of a civilized democratic principles that respect the rule of law and due process.
    Nigerians are enjoying it.

  2. Is this not 247ureport that was bought over by Jonathan’s government? Just keep wailing. Your corrupt source will be dried up. Yeye people

  3. All these are childish reporting based on guesswork. Your blog is just speaking what he perceives and not the truth. I want your blog to report news that are verifiable.

    • Those who are saying Mr President cannot do such a thing may be right. But several things are done in Nigeria by merely dropping the president’s name by people believed to be close to him and the DSS may not want to go verify from him and those actions are carried out. Lets not dismiss it as not possible.

      I believe we should all be patroitic enough to accept the good and reject the bad irrespective of who is involved. Today is PMB, it may be your turn moro. Lets maintain a uniform and acceptable standards of behaviour and practice.

  4. If this report is true, may God help Nigeria through this change mantra ooo. May His mercies prevail over every evil against the land. Whoever is guilty should be punished, but innocent people and people who are supposed to be independent to uphold justice should not be choersed into submission to dictatorship

  5. This country is made up of the legislator,Executive and the Judiciary,.It is the duty of the lejislator to curtail the execessess of the executive.There must be checks and balances.The presidency should not be allowed to mussle or pocket the powers of the

    Chinedu Nwachukwu

  6. I hope it is true, l have always advocated for a strong and brutal justice department under the express direction of the chief justice and the president. To be able to collect and retrieve all stolen funds plus interest and lock up all CRONIES after they are indicted freeze all funds directly or indirectly tru access to phone records and the judges behind them yes….tap their phones. They don’t like they can quit. The rest of the world is watching to stamp out corruption. And this CRONIES are wicked enough to continue to cut us off from the rest of the world. Waiting to help the masses. An average Nigerian earns $1.25 per day …that is crazy…. I am waiting for the money laundering directive from the president that would allow the justice to sieze any monies / wealth co-mingled with corruption or illegal act….( Nigerians version of the Rico act). All Nigerian judges must be under investigation.

    • Akin any man who support evil, will face the wrath of God with his entire generation. This will be your portion because you are evil.

  7. This is a cooked story that has no basis, let me tell u, our judiciary, excutive legislators other nigerians inherite corruption in their blood, whoever is fighting corruption hardling win bc of ppl like 24ureport, hiding under the umbrella of constitutional right or witchunting. .They need to be Properly scrutined to remove any aoita of doubt. Nobody is above the law.

    • God into your hands Nigeria is committed. No one man will be above You God. Please Father for the sake of Your Own in this Land deliver Nigeria from the bondage of the devil.

  8. Let Mr President do whatever it will take to bring sanity back to Nigerian Judiciary.. That’s why we elected him; it is called Africanisim

  9. This report is contrived and too simplistic. This must be a hatchet job by those fellows indicted in free looting the last administration. Otherwise the Federal Government and Presidency do not need to go to any justice apartment to monitor their communications. The office of the NSA is equipped to,monitor any technology-based communication anywhere in the country.


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