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Boko Haram Terrorists Get Life While Nigeria’s Brave Soldiers Get Death – By Dr. Peregrino Brimah



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As unbelievable as this is, it is the reality in Nigeria. Brave soldiers who fought without wages, good food, accommodation and gear; our brave military men from across Nigeria who signed up to defend Nigeria against foreign threats but were now recruited to fight and die defending Nigeria against the deadly internal threats sponsored by governors and other politician friends of the Nigerian President who he dines, travels and dances with. Brave military men who were sabotaged by their army chiefs, the likes of the named General Ihejirika; these men have been sentenced to death for all they went through for Nigeria, while Boko Haram terrorists are given life sentences to continue their existence and possibly escape or be pardoned as is the nature of Nigeria.

These 12 soldiers shot at their commander- Maj. Gen. Abubakar Mohammed – now fired according to some accounts– for him directly leading to the death of over two dozen of their friends the night before and many others over the months of the war. The soldiers had pleaded to camp out and return to base the next day because it was risky driving late through Boko Haram territory, however the now removed army GOC told them to drive to Maimalari barracks that night against common sense. Boko Haram ambushed and killed over two dozen brave Nigerian soldiers and friends of the 12 who were accused of the mutiny action.

These killed were fathers, mothers, brothers and sons of Nigerians. No one would stand for justice for them. We know Nigeria; there is no provision for the army GOC who directed them to their death to be punished; nor for the illegally operating army Chief, ex-General Ihejirika (who was not confirmed by the Senate and hence was in office and heading the army illegally; grand treason exposed by Attorney Keyamo whose court victory against Jonathan forced the President to retire the army Chiefs in January of 2014 within the 14 day ultimatum Keyamo gave), to be held to account. Yes, in no way will Ihejirika and his fellow army chiefs and the Presidency, who looted all the funds for the better protection of these soldiers and enabled the transfer of Nigeria’s best weapons and tanks to the terrorists to use to kill civilians and soldiers alike, be held to account for sabotaging them and appointing a Boko Haram friendly army commander to deliver them to death daily as has been the nature of the war. [Top level army sabotage reported by VOA; BBC, SaharaReporters, NewsRescue, ENDS and all other observers].

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In Cameroon this week, the Mayor of Fotokol was reportedly arrested for being a Boko Haram sponsor; but in 5 Jonathan-Boko Haram years, not a single politician has been held to account for Boko Haram, despite all the evidence the public has against so many Nigerian politicians who are rather the best friends of the President. Our soldiers are being held to phony “standards” by murderers, criminals and terror sponsors, including our Senators or better put, Sinators who upheld the sentence. Cash intoxicated soul-less, alive appearing walking carcasses, who should not even be allowed to judge disputes between toddlers.

These 12 stood up in keeping with their pledge to Nigeria – to defend her unity, uphold her honor and glory; they were faithful, loyal and honest; and the next action they had to take was to do their best to try to kill Ihejirika’s man; the Boko Haram in army uniform. It is no news that on several missions when soldiers take different routes from where the army commanders tell them, the route they avoided is later found to have been rigged with Boko Haram terrorists laying in ambush. There are too numerous accounts of how the army chiefs have been promoting Boko Haram carnage and enabling the deaths of our civilians and soldiers alike. Where the army was told to stand down and supervise villages being ravaged for hours on end. But rather than be held to account for these, the army chiefs were this year, allocated billions of dollars worth of land as bribe by the Jonathan government from the public property land of the Nigerian army, set aside to build army barracks in Abuja. They and their family members took home thousands of plots worth millions of dollars each. Even Kudirat’s killer, Al Mustapha got his. And the brave 12 soldiers were sentenced to death, in this same land, under God’s watchful eye. While Boko Haram terrorists who have killed many are begged with amnesty offers and given light life sentences by the Jonathan government. DiaRisGodo!

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When you look at it all, you see the devil. You get to understand why Sage Fela sang of similar times in Nigeria’s past, that – when he was inside prison, he called that actually the inside world. The way Satan runs Nigeria through his men in government, prison is unfortunately the sanest place to be. At least in prison you have the excuse of not being of the population who votes for people like the Jonathans who were already indicted by the EFCC in 2006 of looting and laundering millions of dollars; or re-electing convicted criminals like Fayose in Ekiti. Inside prison, you are excused of being part of this sick world where terrorists like Al Mustapha and Dokubo Asari are not in prison, but are flown around in government presidential jets and given land allocations in Abuja and billions of naira “contracts,” while our brave, cheated and betrayed soldiers are sentenced to their deaths. Aso rock is indeed not vacant: it is filled with unabashed robbers, gangsters and certified terrorists. The devil rules… this must be hell.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; http://ENDS.ng [Every Nigerian Do Something] Email: drbrimah@ends.ng Twitter: @EveryNigerian

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