2014 WorldCup and the Hard lessons For Nigeria – By Ambrose Nwaogwugwu

Something cut my attention before the Nigeria-France Match kick-started, which is not ordinarily necessary to make mention of but it got my attention because of its obvious meaning, depicting the federal characters in it.
On the social media, here, before such a match would take place, several facebook pages and blogs would come up with predict and win segments where most of the star players of the respective teams would be sampled on the advertorial pictures, I only concentrated on the sampled players of Nigerian team and who where they? Emenike, Moses and Musa; certainly this is in Nigerian perspective; a plausible true reflection of a federal character.
Well, there is nothing wrong with the Nigerian characters, there is nothing wrong with the team or players. The problem of the Nigerian team was squarly of the unwillingness and the inability of her leaders to live above the hallmark of true leadership where competitions of greatness thrieves, ingenuity placed above ethnic considerations and merits takes first to the relinguishment of incompetence in the evil federal characters where most qualified and tactically fit players are deprived of befiting positions/roles because he/she did not come from the favored federal character clan.
Nigeria lost not because she does not have the manpower or world class players to win matches for her but she lost because Nigerians are bunch of hypocrites. No apology; that is what happens when “federal character” are used to nail ingenuity on the reflecting altars of federal characters of mediocrity!!!
Nigeria and her system will only work when she places “merits” above every other thing or she will continue to be the kindergarten giant of the continent.


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